Arnaud Maitland, Dharma Publishing Director, Announces the Launch of New Model of Energetic Healing, Based on Tarthang Tulku's Kum Nye Relaxation

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Introducing a new way to experience massage, based on Kum Nye, Tibetan Buddhist practices, which integrates the mindfulness of both therapist and client directly into the sensation of touch. Bringing awareness to the energetic flow within the body. Letting go of doing, healing, fixing, or thinking. What happens next is magical and healing.Experience the magic of Kum Nye Massage two ways: A retreat for Body - Workers and for those wishing to receive the energetic power of Kum Nye Massage

In all this world, there is nothing more important than appreciating the preciousness or our human embodiment and doing all we can to increase health and happiness for ourselves and others.” Joy of Being- Tarthang Tulku

Arnaud Maitland Director of Dharma Publishing announced this week a new model of massage and body work that changes way massages are given and received. In th stereo typical massag the therapist is just doing their routine on your body, without being present and with little awareness of your unique physical being. The client spends most of a massage talking or sleeping. In Kum Nye Massage, both client and therapist are invited to actively participate in the massage, each bringing their attention to the sensation that connects them both.

Kum Nye is a form of Tibetan Yoga which offers “massage and exercise that heals, integrates and invigorates.” It is a way to energize and open the body, mind and spirit; releasing the blocked patterns of life and restoring the physical expression of self to a more healthy, balanced and aware existence.

Through the simple exercises, breath work and mindfulness training, one is restored to an open, energetic, and aware state of being. Its roots stretch back to the time of the Buddha, and has been continually practiced by yogic practitioners as a way to facilitate self-healing and meditation (samatha and vipasyana). The Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku has organized these exercises and practices into a system which is readily accessible to anyone wishing to create more awareness, relaxation and vitality in his or her daily life.

In Kum Nye Massage, integrates the breath-work and mindfulness of Kum Nye exercises. It uses the combined energy and awareness of two people to focus and revitalize certain holding patterns or energetic pathways. By bringing awareness, breath, and touch to the blockages of the body, they begin to open and release, allowing the physical, energetic and spiritual body to be restored to health and vibrancy.

Each individual body is a direct result of its genetic make-up as well as its environmental, emotional and experiential way of life from birth to the present moment. One might say beings are in this world to live, grow and explore our unique spiritual paths as manifested in our physical bodies. In many ways the body may be seen as a direct spiritual guide. Attitude and awareness are the greatest tools.

“We know that within every feeling or sensation there is the same pure energy-that both “negative” and “positive” emotions are flexible manifestations of energy, for only at the surface level do negative and positive, sadness and happiness exist.” - Tarthang Tulku "Kum Nye Relaxation" books

The goal of the massage is stimulating a harmonious flow of feeling throughout the body and the connection between the two participants is a key element; the experience of one is often mirrored in the other. Thoughts are often shared as is the experience of feelings and sensations. It is important that this is acknowledged and that both participants stay engaged in the experience. To allow one to wander off in mindless chatter dissipates the experience for both. Being a Kum Nye practitioner creates the opportunity to develop a mindfulness practice in action. As the practitioner continues to practice a connection to greater knowledge opens up, allowing for greater insight both to their own patterns as well as the ability to tune in more acutely to others.

As in Kum Nye practice, the most important part of the experience may be in practicing mindfulness of feelings at the end of the massage. Both participants sit and turn their attention to the sensations and feelings in their bodies; maintaining the state of inquisitive awareness, focusing on breath, allowing the body to fully express this new state of being. Grounding the body and mind in this way allows for the “healing” to become manifest.

Ratna Ling and Dharma Publishing are enthusiastic about offering this new way of massage to therapists, clients, and providers who seek a deeper experience from their massage and life. For more information about retreats and books please visit us at


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