Dyan R. Lollis Writes Behind the Glass: a Prisoner’s Testimony

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Falsely accused, convicted and sentenced to a year in prison, Dyan R. Lollis embraces God’s will for her life and becomes a vessel of His love, hope and mercy to the other inmates. Behind the Glass is a testimony of faith, trust and perseverance in adversity.

Holy Fire Publishing (http://www.christianpublish.com) releases Behind the Glass (Paperback, U.S. $14.95, ISBN# 978-1-60383-255-7) Dyan R. Lollis’ heartwarming account of trusting God’s will despite wrongful imprisonment.

Dyan R. Lollis could have become bitter toward society, the American justice system, and even toward God. Instead, God used her unfaltering trust in Him to reach others with His grace, mercy and hope. Behind the Glass is Dyan’s account of her time spent in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, and her commitment to believe God’s promise that “all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

Thousands of men and women are incarcerated in jails and prisons throughout Virginia; Dyan R. Lollis met a small portion during her stay, first in a regional jail, and then in a women’s prison. Dyan no longer views them as “convicts,” but as sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers who will eventually return to their families and communities. Dyan believes that with God in their lives, they can return as changed people and become productive members of society. “They are convicts, yes,” writes Dyan, “but they are also souls who are loved by God and in need of prayer, and they face struggles that most of us could never imagine.” Behind the Glass is Dyan’s testimony of God’s transforming grace in her life and foundational to her commitment to prison ministry and evangelism.

“Millions of men and women are currently incarcerated in prisons across the country. Most of them deserve to be there, but some are actually innocent. I believe that more today than ever. I was convicted of a crime I didn’t commit and sentenced to one year in prison. I spent that time witnessing and ministering to the inmates and staff that I came into contact with…This is the story of my journey while I was incarcerated. How important life is to God, and how important it is that we share our faith whenever [we’re] given the opportunity. We never know what the next moment may hold for the person next to us…Every situation God puts us in is an opportunity to share the gospel. If we approach everyday life with that attitude, we will see more come to Christ than ever before.’—Dyan R. Lollis

“Am I bitter? I should be. In fact, I have a right to be bitter, angry, and hurt: I was found guilty of a crime I didn’t commit. I had never been in trouble before; I trusted my lawyer, [and] I trusted the justice system, believing that even though the guilty sometimes went free, that was better than even one innocent person going to jail. Well, now it was different. I was the one innocent person who was going to jail. I also trusted God. I believed that because I was a Christian, He would not allow me to be wrongfully convicted. However, I did not take into account that God’s plan for my life might include allowing me to go to prison for something I didn’t do…In the end, it came down to acceptance: I accepted Christ as my Savior, and with that came the faith to believe God knew better than I did what was best for my life. If suffering and injustice fell [as] my lot, I would deal with it. I didn’t need to understand it or be able to explain why. I just had to claim His promise: All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”—excerpt, Behind the Glass

“Dyan Lollis takes us through nine months in prison for a crime she did not commit. Her steadfast faith and her constant witness for Christ in adversity challenge readers to serve no matter where life takes them. A compelling story of faith, love and selfless service for the Master.”—Ann Knowles, editor, Writepathway.com

Dyan R. Lollis, 44, is an author, business owner, and homemaker. Her ministries include speaking to churches, women’s groups, and youth groups. Dyan and her husband, Walter, live in West Point, Virginia. She has a son, David. Dyan will hold book signings at Lifeway Christian, Newport News, and Books-A-Million, Williamsburg. See her website for dates:. behindtheglass.net

Holy Fire Publishing (http://www.christianpublish.com), publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.


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