Altruistic Wharton Alum Encourages Charitable Giving By Giving Away His “Passive Income” High Return Investment Strategy For Free

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Altruistic Wharton Alum creates unique hands-off investment strategy capable of sustaining consistent high double-digit returns and makes unprecedented move by deciding to give it away to others for free. His thesis is that if people use the strategy to become independently wealthy and retire early, they can then, in turn, contribute some of their profits and their professional skills to helping non-profit organizations that relieve human suffering: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, liberating the captive, and administering relief to the sick and afflicted.

“We are honored to know that people are utilizing our strategy to retire early and dedicate more of their time and valuable ‘private sector’ skill sets to improving their communities, and not just to improving their employer’s bottom line.”

Today - Wharton Alum creates highly profitable investment strategy, and instead of protecting it as a trade secret, he decides to share the strategy with others for free through The Financial Freedom This liberates people from trading time for money and encourages them to focus more of their time, funds, and private sector skill sets on charitable endeavors. The January 20, 2010 Brookings Poverty Paper indicates that there are already 39.1 million Americans living in poverty, with many cities already reaching the 30% poverty rate. This is a way for “private sector” individuals to do something about the resulting social distress.

Through 10 yrs and over $250,000 of research, Mr. Thompson, who received his MBA from The Wharton School, prepared to create his own hedge fund. While performing analysis of competing alternative investments, he kept uncovering professional traders with longer track records and even better performance than his own.

Due to his entrepreneurial nature, he began to turn these “competitors” into “employees” and continued performing serious due diligence on more top performing professional traders who did not trade exclusively for large financial institutions. He searched for rare professional traders who performed above a threshold of generating high double-digit returns for 5 years or more. These professional traders specialized in non-correlated non-traditional investment markets, including stock options, ETFs, commodity futures, and foreign currencies (forex).

After identifying a critical mass of traders and applying specialized principles of investment diversification and investment risk management, he distilled a “simple yet elegant” investment method that could easily be shared with and implemented by others. To that end, Mr. Thompson helped found He says the model doesn’t work with the massive dollar sums of institutional investors, but is suited for private individual who have as little at $10,000 to invest or as much as $1,000,000 to invest. He says that the returns are comparative to the returns of the top tier hedge funds, private equity funds, and venture capital funds that the large institutional investors use to generate their millions. He claims it makes “the highest and best use of the laws of wealth creation," by ruthlessly exploiting the exponential effect of compounding returns.

People do not need to entrust their money to anyone else and can implement the investment strategy on their own. The strategy is “hands-off” because once the pieces are in place, they continue working perpetually, resulting in “passive income.” Implementing the investment model does not require a strong financial background and does not require the individual to become a day trader nor personally do any of the trading. The money always stays in one’s own brokerage accounts, in one’s own name, making the strategy Ponzi-proof. The strategy provides for complete investment transparency, investment liquidity, scalability, control, and privacy.

By giving the investment method to others, the founders hope to lead by example in encouraging and enabling others engage in more charitable giving, too. They hope to take what Bill & Melinda Gates or Warren Buffett are doing on an international scale, and enable regular private individuals to retire early and multiply that charitable effort at their community level, significantly impacting the number of dollars, skills, and hours of time that affect non-profit organizations and the people served. Thus, by giving away the investment strategy for free, the founders hope to grow the results of philanthropic activities exponentially, thus lessening the income gap that causes so much economic and social distress. The investment strategy is given away in a Free Report found at

Mr. Thompson is an alum of The Wharton School, The Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies, American MENSA, and the National Eagle Scout Association.

To learn more about the organization and the investment strategy, request the Free Report at


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