Calpont Launches InfiniDB™ Enterprise Analytic Database: First MySQL-Based Engine to Offer Scalable MPP Capabilities for Analytics and Data Warehousing

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Built upon the InfiniDB Community Open Source database, InfiniDB Enterprise provides a future-proof architecture that is scalable, fast, and simple to use, plus it offers a total cost of ownership unrivaled in the data warehouse industry

Calpont Corporation

“Our goal with both our InfiniDB Community and Enterprise Editions is to make powerful analytic databases affordable and available to everyone and drive down the cost of business intelligence across the organization.”

Calpont, a provider of high-performance analytic database solutions, today announced the availability of its commercial InfiniDB™ Enterprise 1.0 Edition as well as the Final 1.0 release of its InfiniDB™ Community Edition. With both its Community and Enterprise editions, Calpont offers an attractive alternative to those that require a reliable, high-performance, and easy-to-use database for managing large volumes of data without the complexity associated with expensive licensing alternatives. Concurrent with this announcement, Calpont is debuting a new corporate website ( aimed at servicing its commercial customers.

According to industry analysts, business intelligence (BI) once again tops the priorities list for corporate CTO’s and CIO’s in 2010 as it has for the past four years. The key issue continues to be affordable BI throughout an organization with the major challenge being how to effectively tackle the management of ‘big data.’ According to a study done by TDWI in 2009, 74% indicate that the BI/analytic database server is the number one component that is key to success in any BI implementation roll-out. The same study also confirms, by a better than two-to-one ratio, that massive parallel processing (MPP) is the preferred route to success in future-proofing an analytic database’s performance, especially given trends that showcase the explosive growth of data occurring in nearly all companies.

“Our goal with both our InfiniDB Community and Enterprise Editions is to make powerful analytic databases affordable and available to everyone and drive down the cost of business intelligence across the organization”, said Jeff Vogel, CEO of Calpont. “With InfiniDB, we’re making pervasive analytics a reality, and partnering with MySQL only furthers that mission because of the robust set of industry data warehousing tools already certified to work with MySQL.”

With InfiniDB Enterprise, Calpont offers a MySQL-based commercial data warehouse database that is the first to provide true scale-up and scale-out MPP capabilities for those that want to use MySQL for large data warehouse projects, or anyone that needs a cost-effective analytic database for BI and reporting applications.

“Calpont’s InfiniDB product and licensing strategy appears to strike a good balance between the open source Community Edition, which enables scale-up without formal support, and the Enterprise version which enables users to both scale-up and scale-out over time with growing data volumes,” said Matt Aslett, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software at The 451 Group. “The columnar-based, MPP architecture provides a new data warehouse alternative for current MySQL customers and those new to the technology. We also see wisdom in Calpont's strategy of targeting large enterprise data warehouse users looking for alternatives for their data marts.”

A software-based solution, InfiniDB can be quickly downloaded and installed in minutes. It allows database developers and DBAs to construct high-performance analytic databases without having to possess knowledge of in-depth database designs or complex tuning techniques.

"At SIP Interchange our business is our data. Specifically, Call Detail Records drive our billing, our relationships with our customers and vendors, and drive us to continually improve the performance and margins on the network" said Shelby Ramsey, CTO at SIP Interchange. "We began evaluating the InfiniDB storage engine as soon as it became available. After having evaluated several other data warehousing solutions, we knew we had found what we were looking for. Query improvements are as high as 50x over our production systems and best of all a simple, load and go solution that would improve our maintenance overhead compared to other solutions we were accustomed to. We're excited about our relationship with Calpont and the improvements to our relational db infrastructure that the InfiniDB storage engine offers."

InfiniDB Overview

The InfiniDB Community Edition provides the following features and benefits for those that require a high-powered analytic database:

  •     Column-oriented architecture: Best for data warehouses and marts.
  •     Multi-threaded design: Allows scale-up power on modern hardware.
  •     Automatic vertical and horizontal partitioning: Automatically reduces I/O via the Extent Map.
  •     High concurrency: No theoretical limit exists to the number of concurrent users or queries.
  •     High-speed data loader: Loads data at rates of hundreds of GB’s per hour.
  •     Transactional capable: ACID-compliant transactional support is provided.
  •     Crash recovery: Provides for full crash recovery capabilities.
  •     MVCC design: Readers never block writers or vice-versa.
  •     No need for indexing or partitioning: InfiniDB’s Extent Map obviates the need for traditional indexing and data partitioning.
  •     Low Maintenance: Little to no system or object overhead exists.
  •     Logical Data compression: Results in smaller data footprint than raw data size.
  •     Performance diagnostics: Diagnostic utilities help users monitor and troubleshoot poorly running SQL.
  •     MySQL front end: Utilizes MySQL for all front end operations so users of MySQL will have little to no learning curve.

In addition to the above features, InfiniDB Enterprise provides the following enterprise-class benefits:

  •     Massive parallel processing (MPP) capable: InfiniDB can use multiple commodity hardware machines to achieve linear performance improvements.
  •     Distributed shared-nothing data cache: Allows InfiniDB to cache large databases when enough nodes are present.
  •     Distributed Hash Joins: Hash joins are tailor made for processing large data volumes, and InfiniDB parallelizes them across all nodes.
  •     Automatic failover: InfiniDB’s architecture contains built-in failover.
  •     Automatic concurrency scale-out: Nodes can be added to enable concurrency to be scaled across 1-n machines.
  •     Global monitoring and alert management: All nodes of InfiniDB can be managed and monitored with built-in notifications alerting administrators of problems before they cause an outage.

Availability and Product Information

The InfiniDB Enterprise Edition is available immediately for download at Information regarding licensing, support, and other services are also available on the new website. The FOSS Edition of InfiniDB can be downloaded at

About Calpont

Calpont Corporation is a provider of scalable, high-performance, and simple to use analytic database and data warehouse solutions. Calpont offers both Free and Open Source (FOSS) and Commercial versions of the InfiniDB™ database product that are designed to enable pervasive business intelligence and data warehousing throughout all organizations.

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