Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Warns Toxic Chinese Drywall/Tainted US Drywall Are Game Changers For Everyone

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The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is warning that imported toxic Chinese drywall, and or tainted domestic US made drywall are going to be game changers for everyone, from the 100,000's of innocent US homeowners stuck in US toxic houses, to their health insurance/HMO's, property casualty insurance companies, that insure the real estate, real estate mortgage banks, pension funds, that now have billions of dollars invested in toxic real estate mortgaged backed securities, to city, county states who will see real estate values plummet-effecting their ability to pay their bonds, to US homebuilders. The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is saying,"If you wanted a biblical type disaster, that is worse than anything we have ever seen before---toxic Chinese drywall/tainted US drywall is it. And unfortunately, the Obama Administration is either too stupid, too self absorbed-or too timid to bring it up." For more information please feel free to call the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via its web site at Http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

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This is the absolute worst environmental disaster in US housing history, the 100,000's of US effected US homeowners are completely innocent, and an asleep at the switch federal response, is no longer satisfactory.

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is warning Wall Street, investors, the insurance sector, finance sector, pension fund advisors, and Washington DC to wake up to a brewing disaster called toxic Chinese drywall, or tainted American made drywall, that was used in US residential construction/remodeling from 2001, to early 2009. The group is saying, "This is the absolute worst environmental disaster in US housing history, the 100,000's of US effected US homeowners are completely innocent, and an asleep at the switch federal response, is no longer satisfactory."

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is saying, "If Wall Street thinks this Chinese drywall/bad US drywall mess is just going to go away-that would be insanity. The health care insurance providers are already paying through the nose on this disaster, because they have failed to figure out you cannot treat chemical exposure issues- with an antibiotic." The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is also saying,"This is a game changer, that will have major impacts on housing, real estate, finance, insurance, healthcare, and numerous other sectors of our economy." The group is says,"We also appreciate that this is also a game changer for American-Chinese trade relations---translation: when they average US consumer sees what Chinese greed has done to 100,000's of completely innocent US consumers, we think the average American will say, sell your cheap, toxic, and frequently counterfeited products to your pals in Iran-----we need trading partners we can trust." The group seriously doubts the Chinese Government has bothered to tell its own people, that the imported toxic Chinese drywall used on completely innocent US homeowners, was also probably used on millions of innocent Chinese homeowners as well. For more information please contact the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via its web site at Http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

Note: The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is presenting this issue to Wall Street, in the hopes that meaningful help can be obtained for 100,000's of completely innocent US homeowners-stuck in a home-that is too toxic to live in-especially in the US Southeast. The group says,"Over the holidays, we met an individual who represented a real estate vulture fund at an airport-who was bragging about getting unbelievable residential real estate deals in Florida-we thought we just met the most stupid person on the planet." Http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.Com

Updates On Chinese Drywall/Tainted US Drywall- Critical 2010 Updates-Chinese Drywall Complaint Center:

  • Toxic Drywall off gassing: Toxic off gassing is what happens when toxic Chinese drywall-tainted US drywall is exposed to heat and humidity. The results of this include blackened copper, electrical wiring, failed AC coils, plus serious health effects, for those who live in the homes, or condominiums. This mostly applies to US States in the US South, or US Southeast.
  • Inter-mixing: Having more than one type of drywall manufacturer in a home/condo. This also means that the State of Florida's numbers of maybe 60,000 Chinese drywall-tainted US drywall homes- could be off by hundreds of thousands of homes. The group believes that many to possibly most US homes built between 2001-2008 will have intermixed drywall manufactures.
  • Blanks: Many homeowners in Florida & other states have a type of drywall called Blank drywall. There is no ASTM number on it-no manufactures name on it-nothing. The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center calls these Blanks, and assumes this garbage came from China. The group says,"Why did major US homebuilders install blank drywall in their homes built from 2001-2008? Where were the city, or county building inspectors?" Http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com
  • Time Lines For Toxic Chinese Drywall-tainted US made drywall: 2001-to early 2009.
  • What Is Tainted US Drywall: According to the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center,"We do not know what tainted US drywall is yet. We are not sure if it is counterfeit drywall from the worlds biggest counterfeiter-China-or if its US made drywall, that used really cheap Chinese gypsum-or-all of the above-we don't know yet."
  • Symptoms of Toxic Chinese Drywall-US Tainted Drywall-The US Southeast: One question the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center gets asked frequently is what are the symptoms or indicators of toxic Chinese drywall in a home? The group says, "In Florida, the U.S. Southeast, Virginia or other states known to have toxic Chinese drywall, the four biggest symptoms/indicators of toxic Chinese drywall we hear are air conditioning coil failures, failed electrical appliances/flickering lights, black copper, combined with health side effects that include nonstop upper respiratory problems, to severe headaches, to nose bleeds, to all sorts of strange rashes." But what about that sulfur smell? The group says, "some homes have the sulfur smell, some do not. We do not think that the smell of sulfur is necessarily the best indicator for toxic Chinese drywall. We think a far better indicator for homes, at least in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Southeast Texas, Mississippi, Virginia or other humid, warm states are air conditioning coil failures, electrical problems, combined with all, or some of the homeowner's family are sick."
  • Toxic or Tainted Drywall In All Other US States:The group is now saying,"As far as finding toxic Chinese drywall-bad US drywall in other US States-like Arizona-California-New York, we think the best solution for homeowners is to carefully go up to their attic & see what is written on the back of the drywall---write the information down, also check in your laundry room and see if the copper-or stainless steel plumbing connections to your washer-dryer have turned black, or corroded. Laundry rooms in US homes may have enough humidity to give signs of bad drywall. If this is the case-in combination with the homeowner & their families are sick-please contact the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at Http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is saying,"Whatever happened to Wall Street looking six-to-twelve months out? Toxic Chinese drywall/tainted US made drywall is a really, really big deal. Not knowing about it will not be an excuse for CEO's, COO's or CFO's. Pretending like it is not there---would also be a cataclysmic mistake for Wall Street." The group says,"What happened to Countrywide Home Loans, Washington Mutual, and Wachovia bank for selling pay option mortgages, is about to happen to the US homebuilder sector. Think we are wrong? Stick around."



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