Family Physician Reveals The Truth About Living a Healthier Lifestyle

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Eating foods traditionally aligned with the natural human diet would seem like common sense, but modern day preservatives and sugars have infiltrated and plagued the human diet to detrimental effect

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“There is no diet out there that makes more sense to me than the paleo diet”, says Dr. Daniel Chong, smiling, radiant and accompanied by his remarkably healthy looking children. A graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, and an active member of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Dr. Daniel Chong speaks with Nikki Young about the importance of paleo living and why his kids never get sick.

The paleo diet is becoming increasingly popular, Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbooks are receiving plaudits from all corners of the globe and the world is waking up to the healthy application of this traditional natural diet. Dr. Chong reveals in this interview why eating natural, wholesome and organic products is the way to maintain a consistently healthy body.

Eating foods traditionally aligned with the natural human diet would seem like common sense, but modern day preservatives and sugars have infiltrated and plagued the human diet to detrimental effect.

Paleolithic living is essentially living naturally as man would have done thousands of years ago, but it isn’t just our diets that should follow a natural course. In this interview Dr. Chong explains that paleolithic living extends way beyond food consumption, and our attention should also focus on limiting exposure to chemicals found in house-hold cleaning items and personal care products.

In recent times, the paleo diet has established itself as not just simply a diet, but as a lifestyle aligned with the way in which the human body is engineered. Dr. Chong points out that modern day food is generally of an inferior standard to that which our ancestors would have consumed, therefore quality organic foods and specific supplements are essential to our diet.

Dr. Chong and his children are living proof of the healthy paleo lifestyle, he says of his children; “They almost never have anything but "perfect poops" at least once a day. They also have very beautiful skin. I have literally not seen any sort of rash on either of them since they were infants”.

While other diets might offer temporary changes to the body, the paleo diet produces long lasting results by feeding the body exactly what it was designed to consume. Feeding the body a naturally correct diet will result in better skin, a better digestive system, increased energy, better sleep and reduced illness.

Dr. Chong is a family physician treating all age groups and covering a wide range of ailments. He explains that the general health of his patients would improve with some healthier diet adjustments; “I would also say that 100% of my patients will do at least somewhat better, regardless of what condition they have, if they improve their diets in an appropriate manner”.

Scientific research has proved that following a paleo diet can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and maintain a balanced healthy body weight.

The majority of commercial diets are notoriously hard to implement and take serious willpower to maintain, yet the stark truth is that your previous dedication has more than likely been in vain. Dr. Chong delivers the disturbing truth that the majority of dietary advice we receive is in fact detrimental to the positive benefits we seek.

However, it would appear that the paleo diet is a saving grace designed to suit the dietary requirements of the human body, not starve it or unbalance its natural rhythm. With the compelling words of Dr. Chong it seems that the paleo lifestyle is the only logical and natural way forward for a consistently healthier existence.

Nikki Young, author of the Paleo Cookbooks, discusses dietary and lifestyle actions we can take to achieve good health. For more about Dr. Daniel Chong’s dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as more about the paleo diet, visit the Living Paleo website at

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