5 Basic Rules in Skincare & Beauty That Are Meant to Be Broken

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It’s easy to get caught in the same routine, following beauty rules that seem foolproof. But there are some basic skincare laws that are better to bend. Find out how to get the most out of beauty guidelines by tweaking them to fit individual needs.

Most people live by certain skincare standards and makeup maxims, but they may be surprised to learn that many beauty rules are better fine-tuned than rigidly followed. In fact, some of the rules people fervently follow are either outdated or outright misconceptions. Skincare-News.com’s latest article, “Bend These Beauty Rules,” offers five beauty rules worth breaking and how to bend them like a pro.

Rule #1: Change foundation color with every season.

How to bend: Nowadays, most women prefer to use self-tanners and slather on sunscreen (which means their complexion’s color doesn’t change much), so a woman is better off changing her foundation’s finish. She may opt for a matte finish in the summer but a hydrating foundation in the winter, when chilly temps and mad winds dry out skin. Or she can go light with a tinted moisturizer.

Rule #2: Avoid exfoliating dry skin.

How to bend: Unless skin is super-sensitive, every skin type should exfoliate both the face and body. Why? If dead skin cells aren’t regularly sloughed off, skin ends up looking dry, dull, rough and uneven. Dead skin also clogs pores, contributing to acne. Plus, skincare products will sadly stay on top of the thick surface, without sinking into the skin. With dead skin cells forming a barrier, any moisturizer a person uses won’t be able to effectively hydrate the skin. Using an exfoliant lets products penetrate the skin and reveals newer, healthier, more radiant skin. People should keep a gentle scrub for face and a tougher-acting one for the body.

Rule #3: Wash the face twice a day every day.

How to Bend: For dry or sensitive skin, it’s typically best to wash the face once a day to prevent further dryness and irritation. To stave off stripping the skin of its natural oils, wash face at night when it’s the dirtiest and rinse with cool water in the morning.

For excessive oily or acne-prone skin, it might be necessary to wash the face three times a day. Just be sure not to over-wash with an abrasive cleanser or scrub harshly, which can exacerbate oiliness and acne, triggering more breakouts and excess oil. If skin is tight, cut down washing to twice or even once a day. If it’s still not helping, try a richer lotion. Or cut back on use of an overly drying acne product.

See the full list of five beauty rules worth bending at Skincare-News.com. Whether it’s always wearing lip liner, washing the face twice a day or tossing bronzer out of sight when summer’s over, this article gives helpful tips on how to successfully break (or bend) beauty rules.


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