Lose Weight With A "Sleep Diet" -- It's Possible With Tips In New Book

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"Metabolism Makeover" Shares Unique Secrets to Repair Hidden Imbalances in the Body that Prevent Weight Loss

To "lose weight with a 'sleep diet'" may be possible, with information from a new book. Following the discovery of hidden health imbalances with our bodies can lead to weight gain, the new book shares unconventional approaches to break through inability to lose weight loss.

"No one ever went to the gym, did a work out and lost fat -- ever," said author of Metabolism Makeover, Yegyan. "Deep rejuvenating and restful sleep is the time your body heals itself and regenerates itself. It is also the part of the day where the most fat is burned."

As explained in the book, enough deep sleep allows appetite control hormones to become balanced. Not sleeping enough means the hormone that causes you to feel hungry, Ghrelin, may be working overtime to cause cravings even after eating a large meal. Sleeping more can reduce this "hunger hormone" and reduce excess calorie intake.

More sleep -- and better quality sleep -- can also increase the hormone Leptin, which signals a feeling of fullness after eating, and decrease Cortisol, a hormone which may make fat loss more difficult.

In addition, growth hormone, one of the most powerful fat burning hormones is released mostly in deep sleep!

"It is amazing how many of us are sleep deprived, which causes all kinds of problems in the body," said Yegyan. "You will learn how to maximize sleep and get the most out of it."

The book explains the best number of hours to sleep each night, when to go to bed to best recover from mental exhaustion, why sticking to a sleep schedule is so important, and how aerobic exercise can help to deepen your sleep -- but training the wrong way could lead to insomnia.

"I include methods to replace medication and other chemical substitutes to help you sleep better," said Yegyan. "Types of exercise, teas and supplements can all work wonders."

The book, a near encyclopedia of health information condensed into 384 engaging pages, is targeted towards average, working individuals. The book is a friendly read for people seeking to identify the health
imbalances that are common, in order to create a specific make-over.

"There is always a reason you aren't losing weight -- It's really frustrating for someone who is motivated and has been working hard for years but still feels exhausted and out of shape"," said Yegyan. "The book explains how to identify those imbalances that prevent weight loss.

The author expects readers to never struggle with weight again after reading the book and applying the principles.

For more information, contact Yegyan at (503) 906-0569, or email yegyan(at)natural-weight-loss-myths-revealed(dot)com. Or visit http://www.natural-weight-loss-myths-revealed.com/MetabolismMakeover


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