GicleeStore.Com Unveils Giclée on Canvas Printing, Fine Art Reproduction and Custom Framing Services for USA and Canada

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Giclée printing, photos on canvas, fine art reproductions and high quality custom framing are some of the printing services from on offer to the discerning art lovers, photographers, paint artists, decorators, designers and virtually all the people who love to have a picture on the wall.

Our customers are going to be spoilt for choice. And the quality of our fine art prints are so good that even from a few feet away, only an art experts will be able to tell whether it’s a genuine painting or not.

A new beginning was made today in the field of fine art prints, Giclée reproduction and photo print on canvas with the launching of a modern giclée printing service on Long Island, NY. Giclée Store Inc. has added brand new web portal in addition to their large 5,000+ square feet workshop at Farmingdale, NY, offering a wide array of services from giclée prints to printing on canvas to high quality custom framing. The founder-promoters bring to the business nearly 15 years of experience with giclée printing and over a quarter century of experience in high quality professional photography and photo printing. Combined with its absolutely state of the art equipment, Giclée Store appears certain to be a hit with art lovers, photography enthusiasts and virtually all the people who love to have a picture on the wall.

“Our customers are going to be spoilt for choice,” says Matthew Barton, General Manager, one of the founders of Giclée Store Inc. “We provide a mouth watering range of prints and printing services to the discerning art lover. And the quality of our fine art prints are so good that even from a few feet away, only a handful of art experts will be able to tell whether it’s a genuine painting or not.”

Giclée Reproduction from an Original Art Work

For you and me, Giclée printing is the last word in large format, high quality, high fidelity digital inkjet printing for all kinds of artwork – conventional paintings, sketches or digital art. From a tentative beginning with IRIS printers in the late 1980s, giclée prints have indeed come a long way.

  •         Modern technology has made it possible to use of six to twelve color variants in the printer’s ink-set. Spraying the ink onto the substrate actually mixes the colors to create exact shades and virtually continuous tones.
  •      Archival quality pigment based inks make sure that the prints do not fade.
  •      Fine print heads with thousands of spraying nozzles allow printing on a wide range of media – canvas, water color paper, photographic paper, vinyl and acetates – and make possible a greater color range or gamut.
  •      Further, since it is a digital technology, giclée printing harvests all the benefits of the mind-boggling developments in digital scanning, digital photography and image editing in recent years.

Giclée printing is also very convenient for everybody concerned.

  •         Once the original artwork is digitally scanned, color corrected and archived, custom prints can be made as and when required. The artist has total control over every aspect of printing – be it the size, the media, or the color tone.
  •      Printing directly from a digital file means there are no intermediate negatives and plates that could reduce image detail.
  •      Archived files are also wont deteriorate over the time like it happens with slides or negatives.

But isn’t offset litho printing much cheaper? “Not really,” says Matthew. “Giclée printing is an economical alternative to offset litho prints. Though the cost to print a giclée print can be much higher than the $5 or so for an offset litho print, the latter has print runs of at least 1000 to get to that per piece cost level. So the capital outlay, not to forget the marketing and storage costs, work out much higher for litho prints.”

“On the other hand, the artist can print and sell giclée prints one at a time, on demand, and this works out to a much lower cost. If you take all these things into account, giclée prints have been a blessing to everybody concerned - artists, galleries and collectors.”

But giclée prints are not all that Giclée Store offers. Another wonderful service they provide is photo printing on canvas.

Print photo on Canvas

“Can you show me a home without a single photograph hanging on its walls? I doubt it,” says Matthew. “But have you ever wondered about how your photographs would look if they were printed on to canvas? The texture would lend the photographs a dramatic and aesthetic look hard to find in a poster or a print on photographic paper. Art on canvas has been synonymous with oil painting for centuries. Just this association imparts an old world charm and elegance to your photographs.”

Something unthinkable even a few years back, photo print on canvas is a rage today. A look at the fine art Giclée reproductions in the Online Gallery run by GicleeS tore confirms why they should be so. High quality canvas prints of original artwork can be the next best thing to the original, at a negligible fraction of the price. And they have a longer life span than prints on other media.

Canvas photo-printing uses recent technological enhancements to deliver spectacular results. Printing your photos on canvas is possible practically any size of canvas, even 60” wide, with large format printers. After printing the canvas is coated with a varnish to resist scratches and fading. It is then stretched across a wooden frame. The final product looks almost like a painting mounted on a frame.

A picture on canvas is an affordable alternative to the original artwork or even a copy. Alternatively, it gives that special painted look to a photograph. Further, it can be made from almost anything that can be scanned or photographed – from a child’s scribbling to your old negatives or slides. A picture on canvas is also a great gift idea because they can be personalized for any individual or for any occasion.

Because giclée printing on canvas is based on digital technology, photos can be enlarged, combined, or given a host of special effects.

Now you don’t need to find a printer with the requisite skills in your neighborhood you can print on canvas online. All you have to do is to upload your reasonable quality photographs to a portal such as They will do everything, including dispatch of the print to your address.


What about the framing? What good is a print without a really nice frame to go with it? Does Giclée Store sell readymade frames?
“Sorry, we do not sell readymade frames,” says Matthew. “But we go one step further: we provide in-house custom framing for our giclée prints. All frames for our high quality giclée reproductions are made from the best real wood moldings that come from leading manufacturers in the framing industry. We buy moldings in links, so each frame is built to according to the customer’s order.”

No wonder, already over a hundred artists choose Giclée Store for their fine art giclée reproduction jobs.

The latest extension of was the opening of their brand new blog where customers and art lovers can find tons of very interesting and useful information about canvas printing, giclee printing, art, design and fine art reproductions.

About the company:

Starting out as a professional photo studio and photo lab in the early 1980’s, the founders of Giclée Store branched out into inkjet printing and finally to Giclée Art Reproduction printing in the mid 90’s. Adding framing services for the giclée prints to their repertoire was the natural next step.

Keeping up with the exciting pace of technical innovations in the field was challenging and they picked up valuable experience on the way. Today they have a more than 5,000 square feet workshop right in Long Island, state of the art giclée printing equipment, in-house custom framing facility using high quality wooden moldings, and a loyal clientele of more than 100 Artists who get their artwork reproduced into giclée prints with Giclée Stores.


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