National Debt Defenders Announces Nationwide Debt Awareness Summit

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National Debt Defenders of Hollywood Florida announces a nationwide conference to discuss important developments in the debt settlement industry.

There is almost nothing that can't be negotiated. The same applies for debts.

A very unique network has been operating out of Hollywood, Florida for the last 2 years. National Debt Defenders Network (“NDDN”) spends their days negotiating away debts. Yes. Negotiating them away. In these troubled times more businesses and households are in debt than ever before and NDDN's debt settlement business is thriving.

To help promote awareness of debt settlement options for consumers the network has decided to sponsor a debt awareness summit. Important members of the debt settlement industry and members of the community will be invited to Florida in April to participate in a round-table discussion on industry wide best practices and law.

Peter Kirschner, executive director of the National Debt Defenders Network, the Hollywood-based group representing the debt settlement industry, said that, done right, debt settlement can lower debt by 50% to 70%. It is the most cost effective method for reducing and eliminating debt and can lead to complete debt elimination in 12 to 36 months."

“We’ve settled thousands of cases so far,” Kirschner said of the network, which has seen rapid growth in recent years.

With more homes and businesses facing financial difficulty than ever before debt settlement programs are an incredibly important option to consider before declaring bankruptcy. The process involves skilled mediation with creditors, simply explaining to them what is required to keep their debtor out of bankruptcy so that they can collect at least part of the debt owed. While there are many debt settlement firms in the marketplace, all too often these fly-by-night companies fail to perform but still charge the client a large upfront fee. This predatory behavior makes consumers afraid to consider debt settlement as a real option. NDDN takes a step that no other debt settlement firm takes. They allow their clients to place money in an escrow account and NDDN is paid only if they are successful in negotiating the debts.

According to co-founder Stuart Rubens, “There is almost nothing that can't be negotiated. The same applies for debts. We explain to our clients' creditors the reality of their situation, and work with the creditor to reduce their losses by keeping our clients out of bankruptcy. The approach is incredibly effective.”

Debt consolidation is a process where debts are consolidated under one payment, hopefully at a lower rate. This can save money, but NDDN is not a debt consolidator, they are a paid world-class negotiator. They negotiate away as much debt as they can and they have an excellent track record of success. They get creditors to agree to lower payments, better terms, or to cancel or reduce debt. This is a program that can really help households and businesses who are in trouble.

NDDN hopes to assemble a large audience of partners and members of the community for its Debt Awareness Summit. The location will be announced in March, but interested partners and guests should contact NDDN now.

“We believe that this summit is important because it will help members of the community understand what their options are and inspire a discussion of best practices in the industry.”

The Uniform Debt Management-Service Act (“UDMSA”) is a nationwide effort aimed at streamlining state governance of consumer credit counseling and debt settlement services. In April of 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act into law. The result of the act is that it is now more difficult for seekers of debt relief to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - the "full-forgiveness" of unsecured debt. Under the new law, in most cases, a barrier to entry for someone wishing to qualify for a Chapter 7 filing is that they would first need to demonstrate they have at least attempted to complete either a debt management or debt settlement program. If bankruptcy is at all contemplated it is important to talk with a debt settlement expert. It is crucial that the expert have a good reputation in the community and a track record of success. An interested consumer should ask questions and make sure that the debt settlement company really has their best interests at heart. 43% of U.S. families spend more than they earn, only 2% of homes in America are paid for, and 92% of U.S. family disposable income is spent on paying debts. This is a real problem for Americans and debt settlement programs can be a way out.

About NDDN

NDDN is a provider of Whitestar Financial Services, considered the gold standard of business ethics in the debt settlement industry. The corporation was founded by its Chairman, Peter Kirschner, CEO Marc Plotkin, and Director Stuart Rubens. Mr. Kirschner is an accomplished financier and manager with eleven years experience in the brokerage industry from 1991 to 2001. He began his career with Lehman Brothers and Oppenheimer. During that time, he was involved in several takeovers and IPOs. Most recently, Mr. Kirschner was a founder and director of a private mergers and acquisitions firm. Mr. Plotkin previously served as President of MAK Advertising, and continued his career working on major Broadcast, Print and Internet “lead generation campaigns”. Learning that cost per sale and ROI aren’t the most important thing but the only thing, has led his company to produce millions of dollars of return on investment for a multitude of customers and investors. Mr. Rubens began his professional career at The Chicago Board Options Exchange, where he worked as a professional options trader on the Exchange. In 2002, he formed a boutique investment banking firm where he helped finance small to medium sized companies throughout the United States. The company conducts business from and has a superior business rating at GreatPress.Net.

For more information about NDDN call 877.892.0992.


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