New Insurance Regulations Make it Easier for Drug Addicts to Get Needed Help

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With new insurance rules being issues, many in need of substance abuse treatment will finally be able to get into drug rehab programs that get results.

The Department of Health and Human Services, Labor, and Treasury has implemented new rules that will require private group health insurance plans to offer benefits for treatment of substance abuse disorders comparable to other illnesses. This will allow for more help to more Americans who suffer from drug addiction to get the needed help from facilities like Narconon.

Narconon manages 6 effective drug rehabilitation facilities in the eastern United States. These facilities have some of the highest success rates in the nation at over 75% compared to the usual 14% of most other facilities. Both insurance companies and employers will benefit greatly by their employee who suffers from drug addiction going to one of the State licensed and approved inpatient or outpatient Narconon facilities in the eastern U.S.

The new insurance rules are expected to be finalized in spring of 2010 and will go into effect for years beginning on or after July 1, 2010. The rules will prevent group health insurance plans, like the ones offered by employers, from restricting access to care for substance abuse disorders by limiting benefits or requiring the patent to pay higher costs than those that apply for general medical care or surgical benefits.

The bottom line is this opens the door for millions of Americans to get the help they need. If they choose a Narconon facility they will get the results they seek and employers would be wise to know this as most Narconon graduates continue to live drug free lives after treatment.

The reason the Narconon results are so high and its program is so effective is it addresses both the physical and mental factors connected with addiction. Its New Life Detoxification program is the only one proven to flush drug metabolites from the addicts’ body and the result is clearer thinking and freedom from drug cravings. It is these physical drug cravings, which if not overcome lead to repeated drug addiction relapse.

The rest of the Narconon program are precise sets of drills and courses which bring the student more into the present time and increases their ability to confront their environment as well as pinpoint the reasons they sought drugs to begin with and address those matters as well.

Once free from the underlying reasons they used drugs, Narconon students return to their lives able to live drug free and productive without the urges to use drugs again.

The Narconon program does work with and accept most insurance. If you would like more information on the Narconon program contact Narconon today at 877-237-3307.


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