Avant Garde Press Announces the Publication of Rosetti, the Story of a Middleweight - a Rocky for the 21st Century

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This is the big one you've been waiting for -- a real zombie slayer. It establishes Stahl as the Shakespeare of the New World. Zombie Lit won't survive "Rosetti," a paradigm for the novel of the future.

AVP announces the coming of Rossetti, the Story of a Middleweight. It's an avant-garde thriller. It will do to genre thrillers what Fatboy did to Hiroshima.

Rosetti is a Rocky for the 21st Centurty - as Tolstoy would write it, If he could soar like F Scott Fitzgerald. The author experienced more of his world than any of the giants of the past. He represented thousands of clients and performed prodigies in the courtroom. He is a" Denker und Dichter" - a thinker and poet. The New World has never seen his like. Russ Stahl will reverse a trend that is at least 50 years old - the dehumanization of the novel. Most novels are written about vampires, werewolves, shapechangers, dogs, cats -- anything but people. Those that have human characters are genre books. By far the largest and fastest growing, women's romance, is largely hardcore porn. If this brutalizing and dehumanizing trend continues, there will surely come a day when the designation "Ladies Room" will be changed to "Bitches." This trend is mirrored in serious fiction. There are no romantic relationships in Vonnegut or Cormac McCarthy. Beyond this, they fail to bring their characters to life. Hemingway and Fitzgerald made us feel the humanity of their characters. So did Saul Bellow, Salinger and Phillip Roth, in Goodbye, Columbus. "Rosetti" is the real deal: it picks up where they left off. What's it about? The horror of America. Stahl serves it blood raw. Is it grim? No, it's entertaining. "Hip Hop Murders" and "Orpheus in Tampa" were exquisite literary masterpieces. "Rosetti" is a neutron bomb. We are preparing it now because of the recalcitrance of zombie fiction. The fiction Smackdown in AVP's last release was indecisive. Zombie Nation seems unfazed. A zombie author has just asked this question in reference to a work of Zombie Lit: What does it mean when a little leaguer is a vampire? His book is available in hardcover. The necessity of a neutron bomb is obvious.

Peeps have been clamoring for another fiction Smackdown and we have asked our fighter for a first round knockout. We turn the mic over to Kid Stahl now:

"Thank you, Algernon. I am the Hierophant, The Bringer of Light. I have reached a frightening conclusion about Zombie Lit that should put everyone off it: it can damage your fetus, as crack does. I know that sounds absurd, but hear me out. Consider the article in Time about the Swedes who starved and gorged and how this caused their children and grandchildren to die in their twenties -- presumably a biological response to a scarcity of food. Procreate and die so the young will have enough to eat. What is your brain telling your genome when you read zombie lit? It's saying 'switch off the intelligence gene - this dude doesn't need it. He reads Zombie Lit'. You think that's crazy? Something has switched off the intelligence gene. What's your theory? I knew that a half was 50% and a tenth was 10% when I was 6. All of us kids knew fractions. Now kids go to college without knowing them. How did people get so stupid so fast? It's not a joke. Zombies are real. I'm on a mission from God to eradicate zombie fiction and restore cognitive function in zombies. When will I release 'Rosetti'? When everyone has read 'Hip Hop Murders' and 'Orpheus in Tampa'. I ask that you read slowly and thoughtfully. If you have any problems call me on my cell. You can scroll down to my webpage. Don't try to read more than one chapter a day. My writing is caviar - it's meant to be savored."

Avant Garde Press.


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