Advanced Toilet Attachments Provide Glimpse of Future with Heightened Comfort and Sanitation

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Luis Gabriel Alvarado and James Grace III have set a business plan in motion: a goal to promote the future of toilets - bidets. At shoppers will discover an extensive variety of toilet attachments that perform wonders in terms of comfort and sanitation. Learn more about this green movement today, which conserves water and eliminates the need for toilet paper, at the Web site's new blog.

We want all Americans to think of Shiny Hiney when they think of a bidet!

Business partners Luis Gabriel Alvarado and James Grace III share a vision for the future of toilets: one with hygienic alternatives to toilet paper, heated seats and a rinse and dry system. Accordingly, the duo developed to transform their dreams into tangible results.

Launched in December 2009, the Web site has established a platform to promote their exemplary proposition of a toilet that offers heightened comfort and sanitation in addition to furnishing a diverse selection of solutions - attachable bidets.

"I've always thought it was primal that we're still using toilet paper to wipe ourselves. When you get your hand down there, 90 percent of the paper is wasted because it merely functions as a shield between your hand and your rear," Grace said.

The Web site provides online shoppers with a vast assortment of bidet attachments produced by three different manufacturers, which all offer several models of these easy-to-install toilet enhancements. Each variety comes equipped with remarkable features such as a heated seat, wireless remote control, pulsating wash, heated dryer, feminine wash, posterior wash and more.

"Many people are under the misconception that a bidet involves a whole different toilet bowl when, in fact, you're just replacing the toilet seat," Alvarado said. "Bidets have been popular in Europe and Asia for decades; it's our mission to establish a widespread trend within the United States."

In addition to its outstanding gadgets, the bidet attachment also provides many benefits to its users as well as the environment. The cleansing feature ensures a more hygienic trip to the bathroom as it helps to prevent infection while eliminating the spread of germs to one's hands. Plus, it makes an effort to counteract the 3.2 million tons of toilet paper used by Americans annually, which calls for the demolition of 54 million trees.

To learn more about the features, functionality and benefits of the attachable bidet, shoppers are encouraged to visit the Web site's newly formulated blog. This interactive tool,, will also be used to discuss how these products help to restore dignity in elderly people who can no longer use the bathroom alone.

Alvarado and Grace welcome customer feedback about their merchandise, which will allow them to gain insight about the most favored features of the bidets. This information will then be used to guide the development of a line of Shiny Hiney bidets, which is their ultimate business goal.

"We want all Americans to think of Shiny Hiney when they think of a bidet!" Alvarado said.

About the Company: is owned and operated by Web entrepreneurs Luis Gabriel Alvarado and James Grace III.

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