Adjustable Utility Light, Fan Chain Pulls, Cheerleading Glove and Clothes Protector Patented by Clients of Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC

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Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC announces new patents issued to clients and newly published patent applications. Patents include a “trouble” or utility light that allows direction of the light beam, a decorative pair of chain pulls for a ceiling fan, pom-pom gloves for cheerleaders, and a garment protector for use in closet storage.

Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC announces recently issued patents of inventions of its clients issued by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for utility light for garage or workshop that allows directing of the light beam and which is stable when placed on a flat surface or hung from a door, decorative chain fobs for a ceiling fan, one shaped like fan blades to control the fan speed and the other in the shape of a light bulb to control the fan light, a pom-pom glove with streamers attached for cheerleading and a dust cover for protecting garments during closet storage.

Patent applications have also recently been published for a business intelligence software to compute a normalized or holistic agendum score, a process for generating a tradable index for financial instruments, a grill that prevents backdraft of smoke into the griller’s face, an apparatus for observing fleas removed from an animal, a mash/lauter tun for brewing beer, a pipe cutting tool with a grip for removing the lid of a glue can, and a drinking straw that prevents excessive entry into the mouth of the person drinking.

Recently Issued Patents

7,648,261 Adjustable Utility Light and Methods of Use Thereof
D606,351 Pair of Chain Pulls
D605,830 Cheerleading Glove
7,600,636 Clothes Protector Cover

Published Patent Applications

2010-0030803 Method for Generating Business Intelligence
2010-0030799 Method for Generating a Computer-processed Financial Tradable Index
2010-0018516 Grill and Method of Use Thereof
2009-0313881 Ectoparasite Diagnostic Apparatus and Method of Use Thereof
2009-0285971 Mash/Lauter Tun and Method of Use Thereof
2009-0277310 Combination Pipe Cutter and Can Lid Opener and Method of Use Thereof
2009-0261116 Safety Straw and Method of Use Thereof

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