Email Data Source Unveils New Service Rating the Reach and Inbox Delivery Rate of Email Marketers and Publishers

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New Service from Email Data Source Provides Competitive Email Reach and Inbox Delivery Statistics For the first time.

“For the first time ever, marketers will be able to see how their brands fit into the competitive landscape when it comes to the reach of their marketing messages and placement into the inbox,”

Email Data Source, the leading provider of competitive intelligence for email and digital messaging, announced today a new service that shows the reach of email campaigns and provides data on the inbox deliverability of major email marketers. The new service will be provided as an add-on to Email Analyst, EDS’s email and social media analytics tool.

“For the first time ever, marketers will be able to see how their brands fit into the competitive landscape when it comes to the reach of their marketing messages and placement into the inbox,” said Bill McCloskey, Founder and Chairman of Email Data Source. “This new data will clearly demonstrate which brands, agencies, and vendors are at the top of their game and which aren’t when it comes to digital marketing. “

Campaign Reach refers to the percentage of active email inboxes that receive an email message. Inbox Deliverability refers to the percentage of emails actually being delivered to the inbox versus the spam folder. Whereas other services provide metrics on the percentage of email blocked by a specific ISP such as Yahoo or AOL, determining where a message goes once it is delivered has been difficult, if not impossible, for marketers to determine.

Together, these two metrics bring a new degree of accuracy to list size and inbox placement that was never available before. Using the new service, marketers will be able to see the reach and inbox delivery of all of their email messages, broken out by ISP such as Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail as well as how they compare, on a campaign by campaign basis, with the reach and inbox delivery of their direct competitors.

The service will also help marketers evaluate email partners and vendors. Up until now there has been no independent service that has provided audience measurement for email. With Email Data Source’s new service, media planners will get independent verification of a publisher’s email reach and deliverability into the inbox. Brands will have an independent resource to verify their effective reach and inbox deliverability and be able to benchmark against competitors.

As an example, EDS did a recent study examining the Email Reach and Inbox Deliverability for the New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, and the Washington Post during the first three weeks of January, 2010. The New York Times scored highest in both areas with a reach of 4,500 per million active email accounts and an average of 96% delivery to the inbox (meaning approximate 4% of their emails were delivered to the spam folder). The Washington Post had a reach of 3,400 per million and 96% inbox delivery. USA Today had a lower reach of 1,000 per million but a slightly higher deliverability rate of 97%. The LA Times had the lowest reach, with only 300 active email accounts per million and a 92% deliverability rate.

With the new capabilities of Email Analyst, marketers can also gain insight into the services of email vendors. One such service, Goodmail Systems’s CertifiedEmail. Is available only for good senders and ensures inbox placement for email campaigns. Gal Chanoch, Goodmail Systems’s VP of Product Management, reacted as follows:

"Goodmail welcomes Email Data Source's new service. After reviewing the first report, it has been proven yet again that a significant number of emails are still landing in the spam folders. We are pleased that the report found our CertifiedEmail senders reaching 100% inbox delivery.”

The new EDS service also provides insights into how email marketers segment their lists and test subject lines. As an example, data from the first 3 weeks in January clearly showed Neiman-Marcus segmenting their list by geography, sending unique campaigns to email subscribers in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C and the Tri-State area, with the reach to the Houston and Atlanta addresses being approximately half the size of their other targeted email campaigns.

“Email is too significant a marketing channel to not be covered by an independent rating service,” said Carter Nicholas, CEO of Email DataSource. “Other online media have Nielsen and comScore to report on audience using a broad data set and validate the statistics provided by industry members. This is long overdue for email. This will be the first time that marketers will have all the data in one place to evaluate their email programs, their agencies, their media buys, their vendors, and their competition.”

Founded in 2003, Email Data Source, Inc is the worldwide leader in competitive intelligence on digital marketing messages. The company provides competitive intelligence products for interactive digital marketers, publishers, and service providers.


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