Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Center Announces New Pricing for Tallahassee Breast Augmentation for 2010

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With the New Year and new decade started, Tallahassee breast augmentation has new prices for women who want to make a change this year.

The beginning of the year is a time when women decide to make serious changes in their lives

For women in Tallahassee, breast augmentation just might be on the list of resolutions for this New Year. Each plastic surgeon at Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic wants to let potential patients know that their prices have changed for Spring 2010.

“The beginning of the year is a time when women decide to make serious changes in their lives,” according to the Center. “Along with weight loss, breast implants are a common resolution that women make to reinvent themselves and finally treat themselves to a body they are happier with.”

The new pricing is for saline and silicone implants. This is important to note because after 1992 and before 2006, there was only one option- saline. After extensive research, it was determined that they were not the cause of certain health conditions so the FDA reinstated their use. So, women considering breast augmentation, Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic provides them with options.

Here’s a breakdown of the Spring 2010 pricing:
Saline implants: $3,800
Silicone implants: $4,849

Both prices are all-inclusive. They cover the surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, the implants and facility fees. Knowing one flat rate makes it easy for women to plan their budget or decide if they want to finance the procedure which can be done through the Clinic.

Silicone is always more expensive than saline because they are pre-filled and have higher production costs. That being said, they are also the most popular because they tend to have a more natural feel and appearance.

“Even though silicone implants are very popular, it is a personal choice. The surgeons will evaluate the patient’s body and consider the results she wants and then recommend one or the other. But, ultimately it is up to her.”

Of course, the caliber of care, experience and access to a state-of-the-art facility is priceless when considering safety and results. When trying to choose a plastic surgeon, Tallahassee women seeking breast augmentation know exactly what they are getting from Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Clinic.

There are three board certified plastic surgeons on staff and they are known for “blending science and nature” to give their patients optimal results. The state-of-the-art clinic aids women in Tallahassee, around the panhandle and southern Alabama in achieving their best body either through cosmetic or reconstructive procedures. They perform a variety of surgeries, but breast augmentation is one of their specialties so the new pricing is even more significant.

“The Tallahassee Plastic Surgery Center combines expert care with affordability.”


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