iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit - Dry a Wet iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm Pre, LG, Nexus One, Or Any Electronic Device

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The iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit works perfect with any handheld device like an iPhone, iPod Touch, Digital Camera, Garage Door Opener, Hearing Aid, MP3 Player, Calculators, or any wet electronic device! The most absorbent method commercially available to dry electronics that have gotten wet!

Absorbent Industries, LLC. announces the release of the iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit for only $12.99 plus Free Shipping! Absorbent Industries, LLC. is a desiccant dehumidifier manufacture based out of Harrisburg, NC and specializes in producing moisture absorbing products. This revolutionary drying kit for cell phones is introduced to address the needs of the growing handheld electronic industry and it’s sensitively to moisture.

The iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit is the quickest and safest way to rescue wet electronics! iRecovery Drying Kit utilizes Silica Gel which is non-toxic and one of the most absorbent materials commercially available! The Silica Gel will draw out the moisture from your device and dry the device more thoroughly and faster than air drying. We all know that electronics and water don't mix but accidents do happen and sometimes Phones, MP3 players, and Cameras get wet. Using the iRecovery Drying Kit is perfect for protecting and rescuing electronics that have gotten wet!

Most handheld devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm Pre, etc. do not cover damage from moisture. With the iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit you can protect your investment. If your device has already been absorbed with water you will find the iRecovery Cell Phone Drying Kit as the most absorbent solution commercially available.

Consisting of a moisture barrier bag and Silica Gel Packets, the iRecovery Drying Kit is the quickest, and safest, way to rescue wet electronics. The kit is easy to use, simply remove the battery and place the electronic device and battery in the iRecovery bag, seal, and let it sit. The Silica Gel draws out the moisture and traps it. Once the device is completely dry, it can be reassembled and the iRecovery kit can be thrown out.

The iRecovery Drying kit is faster than air drying. The Silica Gel actively draws the moisture out which as opposed to waiting for the water to evaporate when air drying. It is less dusty than using uncooked rice. While uncooked rice is a natural desiccant, using it to dry an electronic device can leave dust inside the device which can cause damage. It is also safer than using other methods that can be found online, using a hair dryer can force water further into the device and placing the device in the freezer or oven almost guarantees disaster! The iRecovery Drying kit can be used for any cell phone, as well as many other electronics like cameras, MP3 players, cameras, and PDAs.

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