John Moore Offers Bug Elimination Services

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John Moore Services has provided excellent home repairs for 45 years in the city of Houston. They have fixed plumbing, electrical and air conditioner problems as well as provide window replacement. Now they are also helping Houston residents keep their home free of bugs with their new pest control in Houston. With this service, John Moore will rid a person’s home of bugs, rodents and other unwanted guests using safe pesticides and chemicals. Helping people in Houston have clean, healthy homes is a part of John Moore’s long tradition of making sure people have comfortable environments in which to live in. To get rid of bugs, all a Houstonian has to do is call John Moore and they will send out an exterminator right away.

John Moore Services is now able to help Houstonians have a bug and rodent free home thanks to their pest control services in Houston. John Moore now has expert exterminators in Houston who have been trained to find and kill bugs that have infiltrated a home. They have been licensed and certified in the field of bug extermination and know how to safely find and get rid of them. They can get rid of termites, fire ants, spiders, roaches, ticks, fleas, moths, beetles, gnats, flies, wasps, centipedes, and more. Bugs can cause damage to a person’s home and carry diseases that can cause a person and their family to get sick. Also, they can be embarrassing to those who have frequent guests. John Moore’s pest control services are designed to safely remove the threat of bugs and help keep a person’s home healthy and clean. One of the main goals for John Moore is to help people have comfortable living environments and providing pest control is one way of accomplishing that goal. Anyone who wished to utilize John Moore’s pest control in Houston can pick up the phone and dial their number. A qualified exterminator in Houston will answer the call and arrive shortly.

Termites are the one problem every homeowner fears. Unlike other pests, these bugs can silently destroy a person’s home and leave them with thousands of dollars in damage if they go untreated. They are known to destroy a person’s home within two to three years. John Moore’s exterminators can help solve the problem. They know what evidence to look for that indicates a person’s home has termites. This includes small piles of wings, mud tubes, sawdust piles, damaged or hollow-sounding wood and pinholes in drywall. They will inspect a person’s home for free and if they come back, they will rework the job at no extra cost. John Moore will also get rid of rodents such as rats, rabbits, possums and more. They use environmentally-safe techniques and traps and will remove them safely. Rodents such as rabbits will not be harmed upon removal.

John Moore Services has provided excellent home repairs in Houston for 45 years. Using the best personnel and the latest tools, they have solved many problems for people in Houston when it came to their homes. Now with pest control in Houston, they can assist people in getting rid of pests in their homes so they can have a clean, healthy environment to live in. Anyone who lives in Houston and has a bug or a rodent problem can contact John Moore and they will send out a qualified exterminator within a short amount of time.

About John Moore Services:
John Moore Services is one of Houston’s top home repair companies and is its largest family-owned business. They have provided repair jobs for plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, heaters and window replacement for 45 years. They now also provide pest control as well. John Moore is well known throughout the city of Houston for their ability to deliver excellent service at an affordable price. For more information, log on to


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