Street Corner Rhythms Voted Best DJ Entertainment Company in New York

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Street Corner Rhythms Voted Best DJ Entertainment Company in New York by GreatPress.Net

We thought, why can't EVERYONE be treated like royalty?

GreatPress.Net performed a search for the nation's best DJ Entertainment Company for our new “Best of” Magazine. After scouring the internet and talking to everyone who's anyone we've made our pick.

This year we've selected the dynamic and energized Street Corner Rhythms conveniently located in Long Island, New York. The company has been making a name for itself since 1994 and the main reason they are so successful is a very simple concept that they have adhered to since it's inception. That is, the simple belief that one should treat all clients equally, regardless of how big or small the event is.

“We thought, why can't EVERYONE be treated like royalty?” said the company's charasmatic CEO, “When I first started out, I was taught by most of the same companies I am now competing against that the really big clients should get all the attention & be treated like rock stars, while the small clients should basically receive second class service. I knew back then that this way of thinking was flawed. Here, at Street Corner Rhythms, we treat each and every client as if they are booking a million dollar event. They're all big to us.”

This new way of thinking is why SCR continues to leave the other Djs in the dust. They provide all of their customers with the kinds of world class services that only a Fortune 500 company might provide, such as 7 day-a-week 15 hour a day phone support, (We didn't believe that claim at first, until we called at all hours to see if a rep would answer, and amazingly enough, a rep always did) They are also the only Dj Entertainment company in Long Island to offer "texting Support" (which young couples with busy schedules appreciate) and 24 hour e-mail support. As if that wasn't already enough, they also are willing to travel to the clients home or place of business to discuss their party. This one factor alone placed Street Corner Rhythms on an entirely new playing field in customer service relations since we weren't able to find any other company that was willing to do this (and believe us, we really tried!)

When we called SCR, we did not tell them who we were or why we were calling, we wanted to make sure we remained anonymous so we could get the most honest response, otherwise each company would change how they answer the phone. For this particular occasion, one of our staffers posed as a young bride.

From the moment Street Corner Rhythms answered the phone we knew that something was definitely different about this company. For starters, the staff didn't have that typical attitude we all have come to expect in the wonderful world of customer service. Instead of getting a person who sounded like they really didn't want to be there, we were instead pleasantly surprised when we were greeted with the enthusiasm and charisma of its friendly representatives. The phone call lasted just under 30min, and they answered all questions, and addressed all concerns. "Had I'd actually been a bride, I would of hired them in a second!" our staff member stated.

From the first call the clients make to the last song played at their affair, Street Corner Rhythms stands by their side every step of the way. They even provide special services for nervous brides who are preparing for the big event.

The company is also very diverse and hosts all kinds of events such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate gatherings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, sweet sixteen's, baby showers, baptism's, birthdays, house parties, graduations, bar / bat mitzvahs, & holiday extravaganzas. They're work covers all of Long Island and the entire Ny Metro area. They are even willing to travel as far as Massachusetts to perform.

Street Corner Rhythms has a reputation of keeping parties active and entertaining all the guests because the DJs have so much personality. Their energy levels and thirst for doing a good job are visible at every event. We were very impressed by how much they really care about their work.

Street Corner Rhythms is more then just a DJ Entertainment company. They completely immerse themselves in the party and do everything in their power to make the event fun and exciting. "What we have noticed over the years is a sort of "lazy dj" that has emerged onto the scene. They sit behind their table and do absolutely nothing. In our professional opinion A DJ should be more then just a machine that plays a CD, The CEO explained, They should treat every party as if its the greatest place on earth to be. Anything less then that is totally unacceptable."

Because of this way of thinking the workers at SCR discovered they don't like the term "DJ" because they do so much more then just play music. They rather be refereed to as Entertainers or Motivators. When we received permission to attend one of their parties, we watched them as they danced, joked around, provided an incredible light show, (which we later found out they include in every package for free) they took pictures, motivated the crowd, MC'd, and went far beyond what any normal dj or mc is expected to do at a typical party. They absolutely refuse to let any event grow quiet or fail. "They don't just stand there, they get out and entertain people" Something almost every client mentions.

When founded back in 1994, the goal of the company was to play the very best music from the 50's to the 90's, offering the widest possible array of music such as pop, r&b, Hip hop and rock so each person at the party would be entertained. Unlike other Disc Jockies that only played the music which they liked, SCR caters to EVERYONE AT THE EVENT. Their music catalog is exceptionally impressive. They played everything, they mixed it together very smoothly, and as a result, no one wanted to sit down. When the affair was over, (at least we thought it was) SCR was asked for overtime. 1 hour wasn't enough, a full 2 hours later, the party finally came to a conclusion.

Another thing worth noting is that Street Corner Rhythms takes very good care of its employees. This is reflected each time the performers host an event. The workers actually WANT to work. (a rare find these days) The mood and attitude of the staff shapes the whole party. SCR knew, from the very start, that by hiring smart, educated, creative, and fun people, they would bring there remarkable talents to the workplace. The end result is an amazing experience that one must truly see to believe.

We also felt, in talking to their customers, AND in talking with the staff members, that everyone pays attention. The performers are always sharp and focused, not only on the big things, but also on the smallest details. One of my co-workers noted that at one of the parties she attended, the DJ left the room for a moment, dimmed the lights, then came back and continued his work. When she asked him why he did this, he replied, "while there are many clients that love the spot light, there are equally as many that do not, and these people feel more comfortable dancing in an environment thats darker then one thats more illuminated." Within 10 min of the lights being dimmed, about 30 more people got up out of there seats and started to dance. "That just blew me away" she said "I would of never thought to do that in a million years. One small gesture is all it took and at least 30 more people got up to dance. I was amazed"

That was only the beginning, we observed the workers communicating through out the night with the caterers, the Matordi', waiters and waitresses, and all to make sure that their client's special occasion was as close to perfect as possible.

Customers expressed generally that they had “piece of mind” and felt more comfortable with the process when dealing with SCR. We now understood why.

In reaching our decision we also considered feedback from customers and researched reputations in the community. Every client we talked to not only gave Street Corner Rhythms a high score, they usually wanted to relive what a good time they had and how Street Corner Rhythms went out of their way for them. "I was such a nervous wreck" one bride told us. "I must have been the worst Bridezilla! Despite this, SCR treated me like a queen, and I'm eternally grateful for it."

The company has clean marks with the Better Business Bureau after 16 years in business. No one has ever complained. They carry insurance (many DJ companies forget about this), are registered with N.A.M.E. (The National Association of Mobile Entertainers) and are business certified by the State of New York. Their website is full of really impressive client testimonials, all which we were able to verify.

One particular customer testimonial sums it all up, “We just wanted to let your company know that we really appreciated the DJ & MC you guys sent. They totally 'Bent Over Backwards' for us, and did everything we asked. They were also extremely polite and helpful, a trait that's not commonly seen much these days.”

All of their clients we spoke to clearly felt that Street Corner Rhythms was really good at what they do and was well worth the price.

We highly recommend The Street Corner Rhythms DJ Entertainment Company for your next affair. We give them 2 thumbs up, and on our famous bad to good scale (1 being poor and 10 being great) we gave them a 10++

For more information about Street Corner Rhythms they can be reached 7 days a week, from 8am - 11pm at 631-987-9200.


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