Synkera Technologies Inc. Announces New Products for Life Science at 2010 Pittcon Conference

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Synkera Technologies, Inc. will announce and exhibit a new family of high performance ceramic filters and bioanalysis substrates for laboratory, life science, bioseparation and biomanufacturing applications in Orlando, FL this March 1st through March 5th at Pittcon.

Synkera Technologies, Inc. has developed two new products for life science, bioanalysis and bioseparation: ceramic ultrafiltration (UF) membranes and nanoporous bioanalysis substrates. These patent-pending products are based on nanoporous ceramic with fine tuned pore sizes ranging from 5 to 300 nanometers, and lead the industry in unmatched pore size uniformity, sharp molecular weight cutoff, high permeance, resistance to fouling, tolerance to solvents and temperature, and biocompatibility.

“We are pleased to deploy our core technology platform – self-organized nanoporous ceramic, which resembles nanoscale honeycomb - and our capabilities of precision engineering of this materials, to deliver new solutions for separation and analysis applications in life sciences”, said Dr. Dmitri Routkevitch, Product Manager and Principal Scientist at Synkera.

Synkera will offer membranes and substrates in several standard and custom shapes, featuring a variety of pore sizes. Synkera is seeking industry partners to develop new applications and expand its product offerings to include filtration modules and cartridges, fractionation tubes, bioanalysis components, cell culture substrates, microfluidics and other microcomponents.

Synkera Technologies Inc. (Longmont, Colorado) develops and manufactures innovative yet practical materials, components and devices based on its capabilities in nanotechnology, microfabrication and advanced materials science. Our products, currently including advanced chemical sensors, nanoporous ceramic membranes, ceramic microcomponents and functional nanocomposites, enable improved performance and reliability, lower price, reduced size and lower energy consumption. Through continuing research, development and engineering Synkera seeks to further enhance the already high value to our customers in air quality, industrial and consumer health and safety, life science, water purification, clean energy and other markets.

Pittcon is the world’s annual premier conference and exposition on laboratory science. Pittcon attracts nearly 20,000 attendees from industry, academia and government from 90 countries worldwide. It is organized by The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, a Pennsylvania not-for-profit educational corporation.

For additional information on this announcement, contact Dmitri Routkevitch at droutkevitch(at)synkera(dot)com . Visit Synkera at .


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