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VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting Provider Vivio Technologies is Proud to Announce the Addition of Adobe® ColdFusion® 9 Enterprise Edition to an Already Robust ColdFusion Language Support Lineup.

VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting Provider Vivio Technologies is Proud to Announce the Addition of Adobe® ColdFusion® 9 Enterprise Edition to an Already Robust ColdFusion Language Support Lineup.

“Vivio Technologies has always fervently supported the ColdFusion Hosting community, and the difference between CF9 Standard Edition and CF9 Enterprise Edition is substantial, so why should we settle for just CF9 Standard when we can offer CF9 Enterprise for less then half the cost?” This was the question posed by Jordan Michaels, CEO of Vivio Technologies and CFML community advocate in an interview at the Vivio Technologies Data Center located in Walla Walla, WA State.

In the interview, Jordan discusses the history of Vivio as a company, the company's dedication to it's customers, and states why it's so committed to the CFML language. The complete transcript of the interview is as follows:

Interviewer: I'm here with Jordan Michaels, CEO of Vivio Technologies and avid ColdFusion Community supporter to talk a little bit about the companies new ColdFusion 9 Enterprise hosting options as well as to give you, the reader, some additional background on this very community-oriented CFML hosting company.

Thanks, Jordan, for allowing us to speak with you today.

Jordan: You're welcome. Thanks for taking the time.

Interviewer: Now Jordan, before we get into what you're doing right now with ColdFusion 9, would you be willing to give us a quick bit of a background on Vivio's history?

Jordan: Sure. Most folks don't realize that we didn't start out as a hosting company. When Vivio Technologies was first incorporated in 2002, our intention was to provide applications as services. Our applications were programmed the language of ColdFusion Server, called CFML. Like any other developer, we needed to work with a hosting company that supported this language. The problem we ran in to was that none of the hosting companies we partnered with who claimed to support ColdFusion really knew anything about it. We would encounter a server-related issue, and as soon as you said the word, “ColdFusion”, the support just wasn't there.

Eventually, we gave up and decided to host our own ColdFusion servers. We purchased lines from a local carrier, and hosted our applications off our own servers running off our own lines. We still weren't seriously considering being a hosting company at this point, but we had several CFML programming friends who were in the same situation that we were in, so we started hosting them too. Soon our customers were talking about us, and we just grew by word of mouth.

It became clear that knowledgeable ColdFusion hosting by folks who actually understood ColdFusion was a real need. Now, we're a world-class hosting provider with a special focus on the CFML community.

Interviewer: So you're saying that Vivio has grown only by word of mouth?

Jordan: Admittedly we have attempted to market in a few different ways. Keyword bidding, some banner advertising, but nothing we've tried is nearly as effective as a friend talking to another friend. I could sit here all day and tell you how great I think Vivio's services are, but nothing is as convincing as an honest opinion from a real developer who is genuinely appreciative of how we've helped them. Knowing that we've made a positive difference in the lives of our customers is one of my favorite aspects of my job. It's truly rewarding, and it's become the reason we do what we do.

Interviewer: Can you tell me why Vivio is so focused on the CFML language? What's so special about it when you compare it to other languages like PHP or Ruby?

Jordan: Vivio does support both PHP and Ruby on our hosting accounts. We have many customers who use those languages, and honestly, if CFML did not exist we ourselves would probably use them too! It's not that we're for or against any one specific language. Development languages are just tools that we programmers use to create things. Sort of like how an artist makes a painting. One artist could prefer oils and another prefers acrylics. You prefer Ruby, I prefer CFML. Different people have different preferences but in the end, we're both able to make truly awesome works of art using the tools that fit our artistic style the best.

To answer your question, Vivio focuses so much on ColdFusion simply because we like it. Given our continually growing customer base and the rise of the open-source CFML processing engines such as OpenBD or Railo, it's pretty clear that we're not the only ones who feel passionate about CFML as a language.

Interviewer: You mentioned OpenBD and Railo, what are those?

Jordan: Both OpenBD and Railo are open-source CFML processing engines. You install them on your server and they process your CFML code. OpenBD is released under the GPLv3 license and Railo is released under the LGPL license. So, you can download them and use them for whatever you need on your server, commercial or not, just like you can do with PHP or Ruby.

Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about how Vivio is involved with the OpenBD and Railo engines.

Jordan: I personally hold a couple of volunteer positions in each of of the engines governing organizations. For OpenBD, I'm a member of the Steering Committee, where my focus is distribution and evangelism. For Railo, my title is “Community Distributions Coordinator”, where I do essentially the same thing. Vivio, and myself specifically, are very active in those communities where we provide installation support, and general technical support for the mailing lists and occasionally commercial support too.

Vivio's most noticeable contribution to each engine is probably the installer we helped create using install software donated to the engines by a software company called BitRock. Using the BitRock install software Vivio was able to produce installers that make installing either OpenBD or Railo as easy as clicking on an installer and clicking next a few times. This installer has helped lots of folks take advantage of the open-source engines and we're hoping it will increase the uptake of the CFML language in general.

Interviewer: With free, open-source CFML interpretors out there, why would anyone want to pay for Adobe's ColdFusion server?

Jordan: Adobe is the clear leader in the ColdFusion server market and has good reason to charge for it's engine because of how you can use it to leverage Adobe-specific technologies such as Flash, PDF, Flex, and Air. While it is possible to tie the open-source CFML engines, as well as other languages into these technologies, Adobe's ColdFusion server makes the process extremely easy in a way that only the technology owner can provide.

For example, ColdFusion is a great language to create graphs and charts with just a few simple lines of code. Both OpenBD and Railo can generate graphs as a JPG or PNG file, however, only Adobe's ColdFusion servers can generate graphs as Flash files. That way a web site visitor could zoom in and manipulate the graph rather then just see the graph as an image. There are many more examples of this same sort of integration. It's truly brilliant some of the things you can do with it.

Interviewer: That sounds awesome. So tell us a bit more about your new ColdFusion 9 services. Why is Vivio offering CF9 Enterprise Edition so cheaply?

Jordan: To put it simply, there's just no need to charge more. We've leveraged our infrastructure in a way that we were able to provide Adobe CF9 Enterprise hosting to our customers very affordably and still make a small but healthy profit. The epitome of a good business relationship is one that benefits everyone involved, and that's what we're trying to do for our customers.

Vivio Technologies has always fervently supported the ColdFusion Hosting community, and the difference between CF9 Standard Edition and CF9 Enterprise Edition is substantial, so why should we settle for just CF9 Standard when we can offer CF9 Enterprise for less then half the cost? Not doing so simply wouldn't make sense.

Interviewer: What are some of the substantial differences that you're referring to?

Jordan: Well, there are quite a few differences between the two versions, but I'll name a few just to give you a good idea.

Server Monitor – The Server Monitor is an Enterprise-only feature that can be utilized to find bottle-necks in your code and improve efficiency. If a specific task within your code is taking a while to complete, the server monitor can show you detailed information on that task so you can rewrite code as needed to get things running smoothly again. The server monitor is extremely useful for debugging and trouble-shooting.

Server Clustering – This Enterprise-only feature can provide application server level clustering. Using ColdFusion Clustering, you can tie several instances together, whether those instances are on Dedicated Servers, VPS's, or even within the same VPS. If one instance of ColdFusion has problems, the other instances can compensate.

Security Sandboxes – This Enterprise-only feature allows each application (or site) to be isolated from the other applications on the server despite using the same hardware and OS. This is mainly used in shared hosting environments to address security concerns, but can be utilized in any environment where application isolation would be beneficial.

Some other quick examples would be MS Exchange server integration, MS Sharepoint Integration, PowerPoint to PDF generation, PDF file manipulation, etc.

Interviewer: So you're saying that a person could buy a couple VPS Accounts from you, cluster them using CF9 Enterprise, and poof, they have a High Availability server environment?

Jordan: In a nutshell, yes, but unfortunately it's not quite that simple yet. Vivio is working on establishing a standardized cluster solution for both Adobe ColdFusion and for the OpenBD and Railo engines, and we expect to have those available for production probably around 3rd quarter this year.

Interviewer: Why the wait? Are there problems with clustering?

Jordan: Oh no, not at all. The cluster technology itself is quite good and very proven. The main issue we have to deal with is training. We try very hard to make it so that our technical support staff can give our customers answers when they call in or submit a ticket. Sometimes our technicians have to research an issue, of course, but answers to problems come much quicker when the technician has a solid understanding of the technology our customers are using. We don't want to just claim that we understand and support ColdFusion, we want to be able to deliver on those promises.

Interviewer: Alright, well, it sounds like you guys are doing a terrific job. Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing what you guys come up with in the future.

Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us today.

Jordan: It was my pleasure. Thank you.

About Vivio Technologies

Vivio Technologies is a Hosting Service Provider that focuses specifically on the ColdFusion hosting market and ColdFusion language, known as CFML. Vivio Technologies offers ColdFusion VPS Hosting and ColdFusion Dedicated Servers on both the Linux and Windows platforms. Additionally, Vivio is was the first hosting company to support the full spectrum of open-source CFML processing engines, including OpenBD and Railo. Vivio Technologies the most diverse and supportive CFML hosting company in the world.



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