Adwords Suspended Author Tells Google: "Help Suspended Advertisers or I Will"

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Last fall, Google, Inc.’s advertising brand, Adwords, began the largest ban on non-compliant advertisers in online marketing history. This ban affected Adwords advertisers whom Google says were non-compliant with their Terms of Service. With a lifetime ban looming and little, if any, help from Google with regaining account privileges, these businesses are forced to turn to proven, alternative methods to regain access to the Adwords program. Author and blogger Brian D. Dale is one such alternative many of these Adwords Suspended advertisers are turning to for answers at

Beginning last fall, Adwords, the advertising service owned by Google Inc, began the largest banning of Adwords advertisers in web marketing history. These suspended Adwords accounts are receiving very little support from the Adwords Team from Google and their frustrations have lead many of them to seek alternative means of getting their suspended account privileges restored. As the #1 internet advertising service in the world, many traditional and online businesses have grown to depend on Adwords for delivery of constant streams of website traffic which mean profits to their virtual store fronts. Author and blogger Brian D. Dale is one such alternative many of these Adwords suspended advertisers are turning to for answers at

Google explains at that any ban is effort by Adwords to raise the quality of advertisers who use their services and improve satisfaction among customers who depend on the world’s #1 search engine to deliver quality content and e-commerce services.This mass suspension has reached beyond the confines of just small businesses into the rarefied air of the Million Dollar Affiliate marketers. The method which Adwords informs advertisers of this ban is known in marketing circles as the ‘Google Ban Email.’

With little to no warning given to some of these who may have compliance issues with Adwords Terms of Service, this email signals that the advertiser’s business relationship with Adwords is now terminated with business owners left to wonder what went wrong.

A visit to a few of the web's top web marketing forums reveals that the ban has created two types of Adwords marketers, those who are living in fear of being banned such as the following super affiliate group at and those who have already been banned and are desperate to regain their livelihood at

What is making the situation unbearable to some of the these advertisers is Adwords leaves many advertisers waiting for months to get an answer concerning why they were banned and still fail to give a response, like this frustrated advertiser

Author of 'Adwords Back NOW' Brian Dale, commented "Google, Inc. has every right to protect its brand from fraud and abuses. However, advertisers must be permitted to understand why they were banned and given a chance to bring their web properties back into compliance with Google before any permanent ban should take effect. Google should respond in a manner that allows both their Adwords brand and suspended advertisers to benefit from a mutually agreeable solution. Adwords refuses to help advertisers in this situation so they are left with no choice except seeking solutions like Adwords Back Now which will provide their businesses a fresh start with Adwords. Google must assist these desperate advertisers or I will.”

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