New Hip Hop Songs for 2010 Bring New World Hip Hop Star C.KhiD Sour Sugar Love

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New Hip Hop Songs like “I Want This World” have landed new Hip Hop artist C.KhiD international attention and more sales in 2010. The young hip hop singer’s independent music video received over 150,000 plays on-line. The viral spread sent C.KhiD’s music video “I Want This World” to the top of Youtube search for ‘new hip hop’ and ‘new rap’. Since the viral spread, BET Centric TV and VH1 on-demand began playing the new hip hop song and video in regular rotation. Rising to new heights in 2010, the South Carolina hip hop music artist is going for the cash money with new video release.

No fear from new Hip Hop songs writer and music artist C.KhiD in 2010. Since the new Hip Hop songs I Want This World and Cash on Deck, C.KhiD has risen on Itunes and CD sales! The virally spreading Youtube star has reached over 1.4 million video plays and his fan base grows daily. 2010's new Hip Hop music may get a new face if the music world keeps spreading the catch phrase “C K H I D, Cannot Kill How I’m Dreaming.”

“I Love Kicks, Chicks, and Hip Hop music. I’m learning to own a piece of each,” says C.KhiD on a recent interview with Nike sneakers subculture website Kicks and Chicks (!

Using his new “Jacked 111" mixtape volumes to rewrite Hip-Hop hits and make new songs for 2010, C.KhiD is wreaking havoc on-line. Using what he claims to be an updated “50 Cent Mixtape formula,” the South Carolina born rapper is somewhat an international sensation.

Bombing the digital world’s new Hip Hop music searchers with new Hip Hop songs in 2010 ( ) like “Cash on Deck” and “Sour Sugar,” C.KhiD is showing he wants the world. His new singles for 1st quarter 2010, Sour Sugar he says was inspired by studying past legendary song writers John Lennon of the Beatles and 2pac Shakur.

Recently featured as’s artist of the day, C.KhiD’s music and face are widely recognized. Viewed millions of times, his image is an ever growing brand. Hip Hop music and fashion sites like Sojones, Smarten Up Nas, Rap Basement, SoundClick, Down South, and Kicks and Chicks have all contributed to his success.

Controlling important digital property that bare his brand, fans can follow him on twitter, myspace, youtube, sounndclick, and other sites just by adding “CKHID” after the forward slash (example: ).

“I love the on-line scene for new Hip Hop songs! In 2010 I’ve got big plans and on-line is bigger than radio now, so it’s making victory sweeter. I’m 100% behind the stations breaking new records and keeping hip hop alive, but the end of the payola age is here because Hip Hop fans are using Youtube and Google to find real Hip Hop,” says C.KhiD.

Looking forward to seeing himself on sites like AllHipHop, HipHopDx, SOHH, and, in the future, C.KhiD continues his music climb to stardom. Hoping to fetch a million dollar record deal in due time, he continues writing new Hip Hop songs for 2010 as a humbled study of legendary music artists and song writers.

Check Out C.KhiD’s new Hip Hop song and music video “Cash on Deck” below:


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