The Zohar Is Revealed To Over 50,000 People Worldwide

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The First Ever Zohar Convention Broadcast Live Via Creates a Place for Deeply Transformative Personal and Social Experience

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The transformation that takes place in a person studying The Zohar increasingly reveal the common point of human unity that exists beyond the differences that separate people

The Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute,, will host the Zohar Convention 2010, a historic event where for the first time ever over 50,000 people will join to study the most powerful and secretive book of all time, The Zohar.

During three days, February 22-24, over 6,000 people joined by tens of thousands of online participants will gather to make the Zohar Convention a place for deeply transformative personal and social experience through intensive studies and activities based on The Zohar. The worldwide Convention will be broadcast live on the Internet at and is set to become one of the friendliest and warmest events on the planet. As the Convention manager Avihu Sofer states, "The transformation that takes place in a person studying The Zohar increasingly reveal the common point of human unity that exists beyond the differences that separate people, such as language, race, religion, educational achievements and occupational interests. When so many people meet to reveal this common point of human unity together, a whole new atmosphere starts opening up. This atmosphere is very warm and full of love; people cannot experience anything like that anywhere in the world. This is precisely the feeling of the spiritual connection that The Zohar helps open us up to."

Dr. Michael Laitman, founder and teacher of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, teaches The Zohar daily to students and viewers worldwide. There are eleven broadcasts each week of free live online lessons available publicly at, along with The Zohar text available free at

To accommodate the beginners who will comprise the majority of the participants at the Convention, Dr. Laitman will present an introductory course to The Zohar through the nine lessons he will be giving over three days.

The prominent question that stands in relation to Dr. Laitman's and Bnei Baruch's focus on The Zohar is: Why are the Kabbalists opening the study of The Zohar to the public in such intensity and magnitude today? The Bnei Baruch Learning Center director and senior instructor Michael R. Kellogg answers as follows, "The Zohar was written thousands of years ago, but it was written specifically for our era. This is because its authors foresaw that in our era humanity would start developing a need for spirituality. Before our era, humanity never had such a need. But today we are feeling an increasing lack of fulfillment with our material engagements, and this is how the beginning of our desire for spirituality is being expressed. The Zohar was written specifically to fulfill this new need that has started developing in people, and that is also why this book has never been studied in public until today."

The Zohar Convention 2010 aims to create a special atmosphere that will allow participants to realize the true potential that lies in the spiritual connection among people. The organizers of the Convention believe that if the people could only start clarifying this new need and learn how to aim it toward spiritual fulfillment, humanity could then change its course and begin moving toward happiness, peace and prosperity. In other words, this Convention aims to give its participants a taste of an immeasurably better world, the spiritual world, and practical tools for taking steps toward becoming one big human family.

For more information about the Zohar Convention 2010, visit

Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute is the largest group of Kabbalists in Israel, sharing the wisdom of Kabbalah with the entire world.


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