InSound® Medical Announces Winner of "Tell Us Your Story" Contest

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Aspiring Entrepreneur Wins Yearlong Subscription to Lyric®

InSound Medical, manufacturer and developer of Lyric, the first 100 percent invisible extended wear hearing device, announced Jonathan Lai as the grand prize winner of the "Tell Us Your Story" Contest. Lai, an associate at investments firm Crosslink Capital, San Francisco resident and Lyric wearer for the past year, was selected as the grand prize winner for sharing his story about experiencing hearing loss at a young age, the obstacles he faced and had to overcome and how Lyric has made a positive impact on his life today.

"Today, with my Lyric hearing devices, I can do what I had never dared dream was possible. I play basketball every weekend, I chat with friends and family in noisy restaurants, I stand in board-rooms and field questions about company strategy," said Lai. "Perhaps most importantly of all, I no longer think about my hearing loss on a daily basis. Lyric works well in [so many] situations."

Last September, Lyric wearers were asked to answer the question "What do you love about Lyric Hearing?" for a chance to win a free year of Lyric. "Hearing loss can profoundly affect an individual and those around them," said Susan Whichard, vice president of marketing at InSound Medical. "Jonathan's story eloquently illustrates the struggle that many people with hearing loss face."

Lai was first diagnosed with severe hearing loss at the age of 10, experiencing a parabolic loss that made middle sound frequencies, like human speech, a challenge to hear. His first hearing aids consisted of a set of bulky headphones connected by wires to a heavy belt-worn battery pack.

"It was awkward, ugly, and ungainly," he said.

Even in high school when he began wearing behind-the-ear hearing aids he was faced with daily issues presented by the smaller, more portable devices. Limitations included a short battery life, microphone feedback and difficulty hearing speech in noisy environments or wide-open spaces.

"With previous hearing aids, I always needed to think ahead to compensate for my limitations--avoiding noisy restaurants or sitting closer to a speaker, for example," he explained. "With the 24/7 amplification that Lyric provides, my hearing is always there for me when I need it."

Lyric is a small, non-surgical hearing device placed deep in the ear canal for improved directionality and localization, reduced feedback, and improved high frequency gain. It remains in the ear canal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for up to four months at a time.* Lyric was engineered to comfortably handle challenging listening environments while maintaining natural sound quality. The device's position completely inside the ear canal leverages the natural anatomy of the wearer's ear to provide exceptional sound quality. Lyric's position also makes it 100 percent invisible, eliminating any feelings of embarrassment caused by wearing a visible hearing aid. Many users forget they're even wearing a hearing aid allowing them to focus on relaxing and spending time with family and friends.

For more information on the benefits of Lyric and to find a provider, please visit the product's Web site,

About InSound Medical

InSound Medical, Inc., a business unit of Sonova Holding AG of Switzerland, develops and manufactures next-generation hearing solutions.

The division is based in Newark, Ca. Its introductory product, Lyric, is the first 100% invisible extended wear hearing solution that is placed deep in the ear canal to provide outstanding and continuous hearing for months at a time. Lyric became available through select US audiologists in 2008. For more information about Lyric Hearing, please visit

Lyric is not appropriate for all patients. See your ENT physician, audiologist or hearing aid dispenser to determine if Lyric is right for you.
*Individual replacement needs may vary.


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