eMerchant Solution Helps With ACH Processing And Remote Deposit Capture

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eMerchant Solution helps a Medical Management company with ACH processing and Remote Deposit Capture: How an Integrated Payment Process Helped Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our clients have been very happy with the results we have been able to deliver since implementing the TotalTransact Payments Suite

eMerchant Solution, the leader in on demand payment processing that consolidates all forms of payments, announces a large medical management company's results from converting over electronic payments.

Medical Management Case Study: How an Integrated Payment Process Helped Increase Customer Satisfaction
The medical management company has increased online patient payments to 45% of total payments and has virtually eliminated declined credit card transactions while saving thousands of dollars a year by using the TotalTransact Payment Suite from eMerchant Solution. Manually processing hundreds of thousands of patient check and credit card payments annually on behalf of providers was negatively impacting cash flow and an efficient revenue cycle management process at the company. By utilizing the Lean Process of continuous improvement, the leadership team defined process improvement opportunities to increase the speed of collecting patient payments, and identified eMerchant Solution to help implement the solution. An integrated patient payment process is now being utilized - enhancing customer satisfaction, enhancing staff efficiency, and increasing the speed of collections. The company is a full-service medical billing company based in Salt Lake City, UT - focused on helping physicians collect more money, more quickly with higher patient satisfaction. To accomplish this they utilize people, process and technology to deliver high patient satisfaction, increased profitability, and business process improvement. Established in 2006 with a staff of 2, it has since grown to 35 employees processing in excess of 700,000 claims annually.

Originally, the staff experienced many of the same troubling and inefficient issues related to processing patient and payer payments on behalf of their clients that are experienced by most medical billing companies. Incoming paper check payments had to be photocopied and physically transported to each of the providers' banks requiring staff time. Credit card payments required staff to contact the providers' office and relay the credit card information over the phone. The desire to accept credit, debit, or ACH processing transactions without staff intervention and without the complexity and cost associated with handling online transactions. All of these issues demanded inefficient use of staff time, and delayed the speed to revenue that they sought to deliver to their clients.

True to their business philosophy the company looked to overcome these payment processing inefficiencies with a solution powered by technology. They determined the solution must provide the maximum flexibility for payment acceptance and processing options for patient satisfaction - including the option of making payments online, by phone, or by the more traditional means of mailing a check. To increase profitability for their company and for their clients, they wanted to reduce their overall cost and time required for handling these payments. And finally, the ability to process credit card and e-check (ACH) payments and electronically deposit checks received at their office directly to the providers accounts without requiring the provider to move their banking relationship. According to the CEO "To have a physician, or group of physicians change banks is almost impossible. It is an enormous decision for any practice as they have typically built their banking relationship over the years, they have strong relationships with their banker, and they utilize many services making it difficult to move."
eMerchant Solution TotalTransactâ„¢ Payment Suite When the company began their search for a high-tech payment processing solution, they didn't expect to find the provider in their backyard. After researching available options to satisfy their list of needs, they selected The TotalTransact Payment Suite available from eMerchant Solution- also headquartered in Salt Lake City. TotalTransact enabled them to accept, initiate, and process electronic payments in a convenient, efficient, and secure environment.

Prior to the launch of TotalTransact, the company spent countless hours of staff time on behalf of their clients to process payments received directly from patients and payers alike. By utilizing the new system, the company was able to implement a single integrated payment platform that provides all of the features they sought, along with a number of other benefits they had not originally defined in their original solution requirements. Utilizing the Remote Deposit Capture (check scanner) feature, they can scan and deposit check payments directly into providers' bank accounts - regardless of which bank they use, eliminating the time and expense of physically transporting checks to multiple bank locations for deposit. All credit card payments received by mail or over the phone from patients are processed through the provider's merchant account through a web-based "virtual terminal" eliminating the need to call in the credit card information to each physician's office. In the same way it processes credit card payments, the company can now also receive checking or savings account information from the patient and process payments via an ACH debit transaction.

The company also provides an online payment page for patients to utilize at their convenience creating a more timely and efficient means of payment processing without staff intervention. The system utilizes a patient PIN (personal identification number) and provider ID to ensure payments are properly applied to the right patient account. Patients can pay online by using their credit card, an HSA (Health Savings Account) debit card, or even their checking or savings account. In addition to meeting the initial solution requirements, the TotalTransactâ„¢ Payment Suite also allows the company to establish automated, recurring payment plans (from checking, savings, HSA, or credit card accounts) for patients who require more time to pay off large outstanding balances. This feature has provided the greatest benefit for the staff as each of their clients has on average 50+ clients on payment plans - now the plans are automated without the need for monthly staff involvement. Best of all, the eMerchant solution is bank neutral so none of the clients needed to move an existing banking relationship to take advantage of the technology solutions offered.

With this hosted solution, they can now provide payment processing without the risk, liability or process overhead of functioning as a custodian of the provider's funds because all payments are processed on behalf of the provider - using their credit card processing merchant account and depositing check/ACH funds directly into their existing bank accounts. Each of the solutions provided by eMerchant Solution have allowed the company to reduce staff time utilized in processing payments, have reduced receivable days outstanding, and have provided a multi-channel payment acceptance process leading to higher levels of provider and patient satisfaction with the billing and payment process. The new process has virtually eliminated credit card payment denials due to immediate funds verification as well.

The TotalTransact Payment Suite has allowed the company: to realize more revenue (on behalf of their clients) by providing multiple ways for patients and payers to make payments; to improve efficiency and accuracy by replacing manual paper-based payment processes; to realize a more predictable cash flow with timely and automated payments to aid in forecasting and planning; to make deposits 24/7 from their office - eliminating trips to the bank and the rush to beat deposit cutoff times; to reduce the risk of fraud with accelerated check clearing; to accept card and card-not-present transactions through the web and over the phone; to process payments for clients regardless of their banking relationship; and to be environmentally friendly by reducing unnecessary transportation impact and by using less paper in their operations by moving to an electronic payments solution.

The company has realized thousands in savings per month in overhead expense by utilizing TotalTransact. These savings were achieved by eliminating the time to copy each check received; eliminating multiple daily runs to the bank; and eliminating the set-up and management of monthly payment plans. In addition to these savings, the company has increased their credit card payments to 45% of total patient payments leading to a significant decrease in receivable days outstanding. The electronic payments processing technology solution has also allowed them to increase workflow capacity at current staffing levels. As a result, the company estimates they are saving even more money by not having to add additional staff to process payments. Best of all, they have been able to deliver more money, more quickly, and with higher patient satisfaction to their physician clients. Staff time involved in payments processing has been dramatically reduced, and patient satisfaction has increased substantially. "Our clients have been very happy with the results we have been able to deliver since implementing the TotalTransact Payments Suite" said the CEO.

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eMerchant Solution is the leader in on-demand payment processing. The TotalTransact platform of electronic payments includes ACH processing; remote deposit captures (RDC) and credit card processing. To learn more about eMerchant Solution visit http://www.emerchantsolution.com


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