Tinnitus Sufferer Builds Web site to Promote Alternative, Non-Medical Treatments

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Founder of TinnitusAlternatives.com, Ed Rusk, created an online business to establish an informational platform for people who suffer from Tinnitus, a persistent ringing or buzzing in one or both ears. After more than 50 years as a musician, his lengthy exposure to high-volume noises has now caused a persistent ringing in his ears. To learn more about Tinnitus, readers can visit the site's blog.

I only recommend that those who suffer try different treatments and become informed. Investigate, evaluate and pick a direction; be proactive

Life at best is bittersweet. You tend to take for granted the good things; and when something bad happens, you try to make the best out of it.

For musician Ed Rusk, his nearly lifelong joy ride has extended throughout more than five decades. A journey of multiple blessings - including a flourishing career - allowed him to perform with dozens of great artists such as Bob Hope, Kenny Rogers and Tom Jones. Unexpectedly, however, his blissful voyage was sadly hindered by his one true passion - music.

"I should have known that sitting at a keyboard just a few feet from the drummer was a bad idea," Rusk said jokingly.

Just over two years ago, Rusk began experiencing an annoying and persistent ringing in his ears; undoubtedly a result of prolonged exposure to loud music throughout his career. Initially he sought help from the medical community. "I was told that I was experiencing Tinnitus, a condition that causes ringing or buzzing in one or both ears. They also said that there is no cure and it would probably get worse over time." Armed with this distressing information, Rusk became determined to promote awareness and treatment options to others who suffer from this debilitating condition, through the creation of http://www.TinnitusAlternatives.com, debuting this month.

Rusk's Web site is designed to provide a one-stop Internet store for information, treatment options, and hearing-related products for the millions of people who suffer from Tinnitus worldwide. From books, e-books and articles about causes and alternative treatments, to relief-promoting products such as ear plugs, soothing sound machines and supplements, he has incorporated an all-inclusive array of solutions on his site.

Rusk went further to say that nearly everyone experiences Tinnitus differently. It may take a few rounds of trial and error before finding a solution that works best for you, but don't give up because relief is possible. Also notable is his insistence upon avoiding stressful environments, as anxiety and frustration are common triggers for the condition.

Shoppers will be delighted with his most recent introduction of new merchandise, which includes hundreds of nature sounds MP3 downloads and iPod/MP3 players; an array of iPod/MP3 pillows; and a wide assortment of portable mini iPod/MP3 speaker systems that can be clipped to a belt or worn around the neck.

To learn more about Tinnitus and the alternative treatments available, shoppers are encouraged to visit the Web site's newly formulated blog, http://www.InYourEarTinnitus.com. This interactive tool will also be used to promote awareness of the various causes of the condition, such as medications, stress, and exposure to high-decibel sounds/noises from headphones, ear buds, construction machinery and airplanes; as well as the effect on military personnel from artillery, bombs and weapons fire.

"I only recommend that those who suffer try different treatments and become informed. Investigate, evaluate and pick a direction; be proactive," he said.

About the Company:
TinnitusAlternatives.com is owned and operated by musician and Tinnitus sufferer Ed Rusk.

Ed Rusk
(708) 442-8766

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