1SEOExperts CEO Michael Guy announces the launch of their Rescue Makeover Program.

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SEO Expert Michael Guy has stepped outside of the traditional tech sector and launched a program where helping people by offering life changing makeovers is the focus.

Let me tell you, all props to Oprah and her work. What she does is by no means easy.

If you ask 1SEOExperts CEO Michael Guy what success means to him, his answer may very well surprise you. Mr. Guy and his firm command tens of thousands of dollars a day for their SEO services. But Michael leads a much more interesting life than just being one of the top SEO consultants in the world. According to the Wikipedia community, Guy is listed as one of 11 top SEO consultants right beside Jill Whalen of Google.

"I had often thought of what it would be like to be Oprah for a day," says Guy. "I thought, wow, my list of clients includes plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and even a US Senator. I have everyone I need to build a dream team and form my own 'Oprah-like Angel Network'."

Guy is CEO of the privately held company, 1SEOExperts.com. "I bet we did more makeovers than Oprah last year, and we don't even have a television show. Well, not yet anyway," giggles Michael. Michael also has one more card up his sleeve to make this 'Rescue Makeover Program' a reality. That card is his partner in crime, Kelly Guy. Kelly is from the PR world and has worked with major label recording artists like David Lee Roth and Tyler Hilton. She has also run major press campaigns for political figures including Peter Monroe (former head of the FHA under George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton). A reporter once left a phone message for the power team referring to them as "The Jedi Couple". "That's one of the many wonderful things people have coined us as, and it stuck with us through the years," says Kelly.

Last year, one major media story caught the attention of Michael and Kelly. It was the story of a woman in Grand Junction, CO by the name of September Williamson who was having to Super Glue her teeth into her mouth because she did not have the money to get the very costly dental surgeries she so desperately needed. Michael saw this as his prime opportunity to have an "Oprah" moment. This was not only a great opportunity to help another human being achieve a more normal life and better health, but also a way to gain additional exposure for one of his clients, Los Angeles area cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bernie Villadiego. Michael picked up the phone and called Dr. Villadiego and Kelly picked up the phone and contacted the reporter, Jessica Zartler who heard September's cry for help and decided to run the story. Dr. Villadiego immediately agreed to help September and end the nightmare she was having with her mouth and teeth. September was contacted and given the news that she would be traveling to LA, all expenses paid, to get the smile makeover of her dreams. Some may be wondering what the cost of this type of endeavor is, it's very close to $100,000 for the smile makeover and other cost considerations for her trip.

1SEOExperts, press expert Kelly Guy, set up a press junket at Dr. Villadiego's office to share this incredible story with the local Los Angeles news stations scheduled the evening before September's treatments were to commence. In attendance were ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news. All news stations present at the junket ran the story. CNN also later picked up the piece and the media's attention remains. "This story was loved by the media because it was such an amazing tale on giving September a second chance at life." states Kelly. "It's really hard for anyone to take you seriously when your teeth are falling out of your mouth, "says September, but all that was about to change for this wonderful mother. There was much work to be done including root canals and bringing her mouth to full oral health, which also affects total body health. September received all her corrective work and left Los Angeles with her temporary set of teeth in her mouth.

September returned approximately one month later to receive her permanent set of pearly whites and with many tears, and much gratitude, her smile makeover was complete. Upon returning to Grand Junction, CO, September had parent/teacher conferences for her children after which she called Michael and Kelly at the 1SEOExperts offices and again, through many tears, thanked the staff that had been involved in her life changing transformation. She relayed to SEO Expert Michael Guy how eternally grateful she was for her new lease on life. She was so full of confidence, said it was impossible for her to stop smiling and relayed to the 1SEOExperts team how amazing it was that people actually took her serious upon meeting with her since the change. "My mom looks like a pretty princess," said one of September's daughters. A life transformed forever by an amazing group of individuals who came together to help for the greater good.

"Let me tell you, all props to Oprah and her work. What she does is by no means easy. She doesn't just wave a magic wand and, voila, the work is done. I've learned from experience that what she deals with is so much more," says Guy. "One thing we've learned through this rescue makeover process is that it is so much more than just picking up the phone and making arrangements. There are so many other issues to deal with like making sure the recipient and their family are fully informed on what is going to happen and being able to provide a comfort level for them to trust you. You have to become a psychologist, to a point. It's not every day that someone pops up and says that they want to give you the kind of gift you could never imagine receiving, most believe it must be too good to be true," says Kelly.

Guy, who is the former lead guitarist for the rock band House of Lords, produced by Gene Simmons, says, "These days, I do not need a guitar to be a rock star! After doing this for September, there was a realization that I needed to use what has been given to me to help out others in need. It's a very rewarding feeling." Guy has since facilitated eight additional makeovers including one for former Motley Crue vocalist, John Corabi and has launched the "1SEOExperts Rescue Makeover Program". 1SEOExperts plans to facilitate approximately ten additional makeovers in 2010. If you know someone who is deserving of help from the "1SEOExperts Rescue Makeover Program", contact Michael Guy by Googling "SEO Expert" and submit your story through the 1SEOExperts website.

For more information, please visit http://www.1seoexperts.com.


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