Backstrom & Heinrichs File Class-Action in San Diego Against Cartwright Termite & Pest Control for Wages, Overtime, Missed Meals and Breaks

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Fumigation crew members claim Cartwright Termite and Pest Control did not pay all wages and overtime owed them and did not allow them lunch and break periods that met the requirements of California law. They also claim compensation for inaccurate pay statements.

The class action firm of Backstrom & Heinrichs, Attorneys at Law, APC, filed a class action lawsuit against Cartwright Termite & Pest Control, Inc. claiming unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, lunch and break violations, and inaccurate pay statements. The case was filed in San Diego County Superior Court, Central Division, Case Number 37-2010-00085044-CU-OE-CTL. The class consists of hourly employees who worked on the Cartwright fumigation crews. Cartwright is a termite and pest control company headquartered in El Cajon, California.

California law requires employers to pay premium pay for all hours worked after the first 8 hours in a day and after the first 40 hours in a week. In California, an employer must pay its employees for each hour worked. California law also requires an employer to provide thirty minute, duty free meal periods for shifts of at least 5 hours. Under certain circumstances, the meal period may be waived. Employers must also provide 10 minute rest periods for each 4 hour work period. Pay statements must show payment for all hours worked and must show premium pay for all overtime hours.

The class representatives and other witnesses claim that they did not receive pay for all hours worked, did not receive premium pay for all overtime worked, did not get meals and breaks complying with California law, and did not receive pay statements with complete and accurate information. Backstrom and Heinrichs filed a class action to recover compensation for the entire class of fumigation workers. The class seeks compensation for violations occurring between February 8, 2006 and the present.

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