Consumers Rush to Eyelastin Following Health Report on Botox

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A new health report on the risks of using injections like Botox has consumers stampeding their way to natural, sexy eyes by using safer and proven eye creams – like Eyelastin – that offer similar results within the same timeframe, but without intrusive injections or the associated side effects.

An alarming and frightening report on Botox has emerged that has more consumers flocking to seek safe and over-the-counter, all-natural eye creams – like Dermagevity Skin Care’s best-selling eye cream, Eyelastin –as more information is being released by both the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), and in alleged lawsuits over the safety of injected eye and wrinkle treatments like Botox.

In an article that was published in February in the popular online medium,, the article informs of many different lawsuits that are currently arising over the associated risks and side effects of using popular injected anti-aging treatment methods, such as Botox, as well as citing the FDA’s Black Box Warning.

The article cites,

“There is currently a Botox trial underway in California, filed on behalf of 15 people who allege that they suffered severe or fatal side effects from Botox treatments. Among the plaintiffs in the case are the families of two young children who died after Botox injections to treat cerebral palsy.

The FDA warned about potential risks associated with Botox in February 2008, after a number of reports were received involving deaths, breathing problems and other adverse reactions associated with use of Botox. At that time, the FDA indicated that the adverse reactions were most commonly seen among children with cerebral palsy, where the typical dose of Botox injection used is substantially larger than what is normally prescribed for cosmetic purposes.

In August 2009, the FDA announced a new “black box” warning about the risk of Botox problems, including potentially life-threatening botulism-like side effects. The warning now alerts users that the toxin used in Botox and other some other products could spread from the area of the injection to other areas of the body. This could cause botulism symptoms, including life-threatening swallowing and breathing difficulties or death.”

(Source: Internet, 2010;

According to Eyelastin spokesperson, Cameron Hope, such startling health reports, while a travesty to the sufferers involved, really do not come as a big surprise, because the FDA has been warning consumers about the associated dangers of using Botox injections since mid-09’.

“This is exactly why we took market available ingredients and put them into a proprietary formula that is contained within our revolutionary eye cream, Eyelastin,” Hope says. “To offer consumers a more affordable, all-natural and safer, side effect-free means of combating the signs of aging—one that does not require risky and painful, expensive shots that eventually wear off.”

As to why and how Eyelastin – an easily applied eye cream – is able to stack up to the instantaneous results that shots offer, and why more consumers are seeking it out, in light of the current aforementioned reports, Hope says its all about the ingredients contained within.

“There are natural means at which you can mimic and reproduce the desired effects of shots, but without using intrusive needles, and without the worry of side effects,” Hope explains. “For example, Eyelastin utilizes an active ingredient called Syn-Ake (an anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of waglerin 1; a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper) that allows consumers to see the results they desire fast, but without painful injections or risks of side effects, post treatment.”

Eyelastin is an all natural eye cream that is intended to treat dark eye circles, baggy eyes, puffy eyes, crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes.

Eyelastin eye cream is easily applied in small amounts around the affected areas of skin near the eyes, one time per day.

Most people will see noticeable results from using Eyelastin eye cream within 2-6 weeks of daily usage, when used as directed.

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About Eyelastin:

  •     Created by Dermagevity Skin Care—a leading cosmeceutical company
  •     Offers a breakthrough and patented technology consisting of a proprietary ingredient complex that brings together a powerful combination of proven anti–aging ingredients with an advanced delivery technology
  •     Utilizes a ground-breaking formula that combines Hyaluronic Acid—which can carry up to a thousand times its own weight in water—and Vitamin K, which has been proven to greatly reduce puffiness and wrinkles in the skin
  •     Uses the active ingredient, Syn-Ake, praised as ‘Love at First Bite,’ an anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of waglerin 1 (a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper)
  •     Harnesses the power of clinically-proven, age-fighting ingredients like Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, both which have been proven to promote collagen production and increase the development and the growth of the connective tissues
  •     Works quickly to minimize the appearances of dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes and crow’s feet, and helps to reverse the effects of aging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     No known, adverse side effects
  •     Available online for a generous discount off retail pricing at their secured online store at:


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