Dermacut Being Harnessed by Fashion Models to Grace Walkways

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More consumers are becoming aware of Dermacut – Oxygenix Research’s already best-selling transdermal fat-cutting product—after the theme at a London Fashion Week runway show was hunky male models. Prompting more consumer awareness and spurring a fashion trend that suggests hulky men are going to become a more prominent feature in the designs of fashion apparel over the years to come.

Oxygenix Research’s already best-selling transdermal fat-cutting product, Dermacut (which is intended to “spot reduce” certain fat problem areas of the body), is enjoying an influx of sales as hunky male models grace the runways at the annual London Fashion Week—spurring consumer awareness that the desirable toned abs, thighs and buttocks that one sees in such shows or on the covers of popular fashion magazines are not an impossible reality to attain.

With the very popular London Fashion Week well underway during the month of February, female models are not the only ones that are garnering plenty of attention from the flashing camera lenses. Indeed, male runway models have also made their presence known, and according to some of popular designers, as well as the media covering the event, the theme was masculinity and men, not skinny boys.

In a mid-February article that was published on the very popular online fashion medium,, in an article that was entitled, “Manly Men Descend on Fashion Week — in Long Johns,” the article covered the fourth day of London Fashion Week, where this time, for a change of pace, men strutted down the runway, incorporating the theme of masculinity, muscles and heartthrob bodies; purporting that the ultimate desire with this runway show was to debut, as the article cites, “men” not “skinny boys.”

The article cites,

“Though the label has evolved, their choice in models hasn't, which is a good thing. They somehow always succeed in casting the hottest male models — such as show-opener Chad White — of New York Fashion Week. "We want men, not boys," Keegan said. "Wouldn’t you? I don’t want skinny boys. I like kind of fit, athletic men. If I was in the mountain and if I needed to, like, have someone chop wood, I’d want one of those model guys to come out and be able to do it. Because if someone asked me to do it I’d be like" — he gestured as though smoking a cigarette.

In keeping with the masculine theme, flasks were given in place of goody bags. Keegan said they had wanted to serve hot toddies with whiskey, though ultimately couldn't get a permit to serve booze in the space. "We were pushing the idea of a stronger, masculine collection. Instead of serving Champagne, we thought serving whiskey would be more appropriate," Keegan said. We sussed out a straight man in the audience and asked if he thought the show was masculine. "Yes," he said. “At least by fashion standards."

(Source: Internet, 2010;

For Dermacut spokesperson, Katie Westfield, such enjoyable fashion shows that break the status quo of the typical ones – which usually feature female runway models – always help to garner more consumer awareness about wonderful spot treatment and fat-reduction products such as Dermacut.

“Indeed, as the above article purports, there is a newer trend emerging in the world of fashion that is defying prior boundaries of being ‘skinny’ and suggesting that the fashion world is looking for more a robust and toned, male model,” Westfield says.

While the product is typically used by bodybuilders and fitness gurus to quickly spot-treat areas that have stubborn fat pockets, Westfield also asserts that many male models can realize great benefits from harnessing the power of Dermacut.

“For those who need to be trim, healthy and fit in order to earn an income, like male models, revolutionary products like Dermacut offer them a true means at maintaining their figures and keeping in par with the ever demanding physique requirements of their careers,” Westfield says.

Dermacut is a transdermal fat-cutting product that utilizes the power of proven ingredient complexes that are intended to burn excess fats quickly.

Dermacut is rich in Adiposlim, which has been proven to safely shrink fat cells, allowing them to fit back inside the matrix of the skin so they can be broken down and eliminated.

The product also contains Adipoless, which inhibits the newly shrunken fat cell (from Adiposlim) from expanding back to its previous state, not allowing fat cells to reform as stomach fat.

Dermacut is an easily applied topical cream that can be used one or two times per day, showing phenomenal results when applied prior to working out, when used as directed.

It has been shown to provide noticeable results within the first few months of daily application, when combined with daily exercise and healthy, balanced eating habits.

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About Dermacut:

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  •     Contains active ingredient Adipoless—a breakthrough and proven complex that inhibits the new, shrunken fat cell from reforming into its old, pointy self; this means that Dermacut will actually help shrink down your fat cells and keep them from reforming back into stomach fat
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     Causes no known, adverse side effects
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