Love The Place You Live Uses Enhanced State Flag Designs to Promote the Power of Places

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Newly formed, Love the Place You Live, is a full-service place-branding group specializing in development, branding, marketing, product development, environmental design, streetscape design and wayfinding system development. The company is announcing the unveiling of 15 enhanced state flag designs.

Split screen comparison of Kansas' current flag(left) and LTPYL's enhanced version.

"The most important thing about LTPYL is that we're not trying to force our versions of the flags onto the public. Our goal is to raise awareness of each flag's concept and meaning as well as the condition of the current versions.

There is no doubt that when it's time to show love for our country, we all reach for our American flag. Old Glory's design is timeless, beautiful, and highly regulated to insure its quality and consistency. Unfortunately, our state flags, the symbolic icons of the states that make up our great union, have not received the same attention, especially when it comes to their design quality. Enter Love The Place You Live (LTPYL). LTPYL, a new company, refines and enhances select state flag designs. By restoring the visual language, LTPYL rejuvenates the original design concept and creates modern representations of state flag designs.

"State flags tell the story of our country's history. Whether it's the Native American shown in Massachusetts' state flag, Nebraska state flag's subtle recognition of the westward expansion via a westward bound locomotive or Montana's symbolic salute to its industriousness, our country's foundation can be seen in these flags," explained Dong-Yun Shin, Founder of LTPYL.

Currently, many state flags are poorly managed, especially those available on the internet and in gift shops throughout the country. For example, some flags have various versions available; some contain unrecognizable imagery, while others misrepresent their state's landscape or official state symbol. LTPYL chose what it saw as the flags most in need of design enhancement: California, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. Through intense research, LTPYL discovered the flags' original concepts, identified key design issues, and developed innovative solutions.

"During the design process we asked ourselves a lot of questions. Things like where the design originated, what its historic background is, whether or not the design makes sense and how far we could go without straying too far away from the original concept, were all concerns when we were creating our enhancements," explained Shin. "Our solutions and answers to these questions came from our research and discussion with our team."

Prior to uploading the enhancements to its official website, each enhancement was unveiled via the official LTPYL Facebook Fan Page where LTPYL is building a community that will give feedback and insight into each enhancement.

"The most important thing about LTPYL is that we're not trying to force our versions of the flags onto the public. Our goal is to raise awareness of each flag's concept and meaning as well as the condition of the current versions," explained Shin. "We want to start a conversation so residents can provide interesting information, make suggestions regarding our enhancements, and even submit their own designs."

From its new website,, visitors can view and download 15 enhanced designs for 13 states, learn about the history of each design, and explore its development as well as the design issues it solves. Visitors can also purchase customized products featuring their state's enhanced state flag theme. In addition to the 15 enhanced designs, features the remaining 37 state flags. Visitors will find the images on are available for download in better quality than on most sites. Detailed descriptions and links to purchase merchandise and apparel are also available in these state flag themes.

Love The Place You Live (LTPYL) is a collaboration of creative people who all believe in the power of place branding. Started in 2009, LTPYL creates engaging community icons, either from scratch or by refreshing the icons attributed to states, cities, towns, or neighborhoods. For more information, please visit


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