Grant Power Products, LLC, Announces Acquisition of the Nationwide Distributorship of Megapulse Environmentally Responsible Products

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GPP will help its targeted market of users of heavy-duty lead/acid batteries reduce annual battery replacement costs by as much as 50 percent...Megapulse Mk4 Industrial Battery Conditioner can make this possible.

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The lead acid battery was invented in the 1870s and became commercially available one hundred years ago. Its basic technology has never changed. The chemical process that generates electricity also leaves a residue on the battery plates that unavoidably and prematurely ends the battery's life.

GPP’s goal is to enable industry to double the useful life of industrial batteries. This cost-cutting measure will also conserve a finite resource, and reduce the harmful effects of lead in the environment


  • Trucking companies having 2000 trucks (and more) are not uncommon.
  • Each truck has two batteries. Total 4000 batteries.
  • Batteries typically last about four years, so our imaginary company would be replacing about 1000 batteries per year.
  • At a conservative price of just $150 per battery, under present conditions annual replacement cost is $150,000.
  • With only one Mk4 unit required per truck, at a cost much less than the cost of one battery, can double battery life while cutting the cost by 50%.

The Megapulse Mk4 Industrial Battery Conditioner, distributed in twenty countries worldwide, has repeatedly proven its ability to perform as described


GPP will supply Mk4 units at no charge for evaluation in your shop. Test Mk4 under your own conditions. Accepting this offer will save you as much as 20% on your first order. More information and details of the evaluation program will be found at


It is a Fact: The earliest known battery, unearthed near Baghdad in the 1930s, has been dated ca. 250 BE. Its electrodes were iron and copper and it probably used vinegar as an acidic electrolyte.

It is a Fact: About 450 million batteries are manufactured annually

It is a Fact: Battery lead recycling is the most effective recycling program in the world. 85% of the lead in new batteries was recycled.

It is a Fact: Your storage battery does not store electricity. It stores chemicals that have the potential, measured in volts, to react in such a way as to release electrons.

It is a Fact: “Electricity” is the flow of electrons through a circuit. There is no electricity until the circuit is closed (a load applied, such as a starter motor). The instant the ignition switch is turned on, the circuit is closed and the chemical reactions begin which free up electrons to flow through the circuit, thus turning stored chemical energy into electrical energy.

It is a Fact: To generate one amp for one second requires 625 (followed by eighteen zeros), electrons. That is 625,000,000,000,000,000,000 (more or less). Each reaction on a battery plate releases two electrons, so only 312,000,000,000,000,000,000 reactions are needed.

Each reaction deposits a bit of lead sulphate on the plate. Most, but not all, is removed during recharging. Accumulated Lead sulfate causes the unnecessarily early demise of 85% of lead acid batteries.

Now, if your Big Rig Batteries have a cold cranking capacity (CCA) of 800 amps and they are called upon for full power for fifteen seconds, you need 375 with 21 zeros (more or less) sulfation producing reactions at the plate surfaces

It is a Fact: Megapulse Mk4 Industrial Battery Conditioners offer three ways to deal with this battery killer:


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