Snoring Man Louder Than Status Quo Concert; Reveals Record Breaking Story

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Snoring is a very common problem that effects 60% of the adult population. announces new light-weight snore guard that instantly puts a stop to record breaking snore.

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'We had never heard anything like it' Snorebond technical director Luis Fairman relates. 'We had to rewrite the record books when our instruments picked up this particular snort at 116 decibels and when compared with the average 115 decibel level of a Status Quo concert, you may well see how this kind of sound in the middle of the night might possibly be anti social'.

The Snorebond clinic in Bodmin had previously registered a 96-decibel level and this had stood as the loudest snore for the past 15 years.

The poor unfortunate who registered this new earth-shattering event was Brian Wilkins from Liskeard in Cornwall and when asked to comment, he said; ‘ I knew I had a problem, but now I know why my wife is always digging me in the ribs!’.

'Snoring can be dangerous as well as extremely annoying’ continues Luis, ‘Snoring is a widespread problem amongst the general population and our website, will supply you with all the free information you need to combat any snoring problem either you or your partner may have. Through our extensive experience we also have many amusing stories about snoring that you are welcome to look up’.

To get a better idea of just how loud Brian's 116 decibel snore was, here are some more ear splitting sounds for you to compare;

Fireworks 145 decibels, Gunfire 150, Dragsters 160, Space shuttle 170, Volcano 180, Earthquake 235 and a big meteor hitting the earth 300!

So, if there is a loud noise in the middle of the night and your partner says a large meteor has just wiped out the rabbit hutch please tell him or her that there had better be evidence of this unfortunate occurrence when you stagger up in the morning after a disturbed nights sleep.

Fortunately for snorers like Brian, snorebond has developed the most effective stop snoring cure that does not involve resorting to invasive surgical procedures. 'The mouthpiece devices we supply through our website, are made from a new ultra-lightweight material that is designed to stop snoring through slightly advancing the positioning of the jaw so as to prevent the contact of the soft throat tissues that vibrate to produce the snoring sound. As this treatment instantly cures 95% of all snore problems there is no longer any excuse for not getting a relaxing nights sleep!'

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