Discount Light Bulb Retailer Takes Environmental Protection Seriously with New Compact Fluorescent Lighting Design

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Wholesale Bulbs, a leading retailer of wholesale energy efficient light bulbs, introduces LifeLamp, a revolutionary new energy efficient compact florescent light bulb featuring a unique, detachable ballast designed to be reused by replacing only the glass spiral tube portion of the bulb when it burns out. LifeLamp costs less then traditional integrated CFL bulbs and significantly reduces the quantity of harmful unrecyclable leaded PCB ballasts which are disposed of in our landfills.

American discount light bulb retailer WholesaleBulbs (, has introduced an innovative new patent pending compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) called LifeLamp. Designed for the mass market, LifeLamp marks a significant advancement in environmental lighting. Different from other CFL bulbs, the plastic ballast on this compact fluorescent bulb can be detached from the glass spiral light tube when the tube burns out and reused again with a new tube. Typical, CFL ballasts can last five times or over 50,000 hours longer than the spiral glass tube. CFL bulbs with ballasts integrated into the glass tube cannot be reused and must be thrown out along with the burnt out glass tube. The LifeLamp CFL bulb, with its detachable reusable ballast, significantly reduces the overall cost of lighting, but its greatest benefit is to the environment because it reduces the number of unrecyclable leaded PCB ballasts in our landfills.

Simple to use, the LifeLamp CFL bulb does not require an expensive retrofit to existing incandescent fixtures to enable energy efficiency. Consumers initially purchase a modular ballast and lamp combination. Later, when the lamp burns out, they simply purchase a replacement LifeLamp bulb, at considerable savings. Currently released in a dimmable version, LifeLamp CFL offers outstanding performance due to the custom semiconductor which is used in the design. It is guaranteed to work for over 50,000 hours, but in many installations the LifeLamp ballasts last as long as 100,000 hours.

"LifeLamp provides a great opportunity to save money and help to protect the environment," says Lou Hughes of Wholesale Bulbs. "The typical CFL ballast that is turned on everyday for an average of three hours will last almost 50 years. As well, the average CFL ballast costs about the same as the spiral glass tube. By re-using the ballast and replacing only the glass tube, consumers will save money as well as help the environment. Over the life of the LifeLamp CFL reusable ballast, customers can expect to save up to $70 and prevent many leaded circuits in plastic housings from ending up in the landfill," states Hughes.

Every year over 500 million compact fluorescent light bulbs are sold worldwide. They offer an 80% improvement in energy efficiency over traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. While other lighting technologies like LED bulbs are available, they cannot compare to the cost performance ratio that CFL's offer today. Sales of CFL's will continue to climb due to rising energy costs and environmental concerns.
Beyond 2012, the governments of the United States and Canada have mandated that incandescent bulbs will be phased out, which could drive CFL sales through the roof.

While reducing energy consumption through the use of CFL bulbs is good for the environment, disposing of them is not. When a regular CFL lamp burns out, a perfectly good ballast containing heavy metals is thrown away with the bulb. This also results in hundreds of millions of pounds of flame retardant plastic and PCB's that are land filled each year. CFL ballasts cannot be effectively recycled and reused due to the brominated flame retardant additives that are used in their plastic enclosures. When these ballasts are disposed of in high volume, it can create some major environmental issues. Non-biodegradable materials, caustic chemicals and serious environmental pollutants, including lead can pollute soil and water.

By simply separating the ballast from the lamp, the LifeLamp CFL goes a long way in reducing the number of ballasts that end up in our landfills therefore protecting the land and water supplies from potentially dangerous pollutants. LifeLamp is a new energy-saving lighting product that will be welcomed by all, especially informed environmental groups and all green consumers.

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