Hypno-Gastric Reduction ™ a Hypnotic Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery Now Available on CD

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Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ is a revolutionary and innovative technique to help people lose those extra pounds.

My private hypnosis clients are delighted how safe and effective this innovative weight loss technique works. You will be too! Shed those extra pounds now! I recorded it especially for YOU! Visit my website for more information. Be Well, Addie Kania

Hypno-Gastric Reduction uses clinical hypnosis designed to safely replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric reduction, but without the wide array of potential serious side effects that invasive weight loss surgery can bring. Although this approach initially was introduced in Europe and has become the weight loss phenomenon over there, Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ was refined and enhanced by Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Addie Kania.

In 2008, at the Elite Clinics in Spain, hypnotherapists discovered that if a client's mind can be convinced a gastric band has indeed been fitted around their stomach, just as if they had undergone gastric band surgery, the weight-loss effect is comparable if not better, with none of the risks or side-effects of surgery. This revolutionary technique captured the attention of Addie Kania. http://AlternativeWeigh.com

As an instructor at the National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Educational Conference, Addie has taught advanced weight loss techniques to professional hypnotherapist from around the world. As regular part of her weight loss program for her private clients, Addie successfully had incorporated hypnotic imagery to suggest that her client’s stomach had “shrunk to the size of a fist.” Her newly developed Hypno-Gastric Reduction ™ is simply a refinement of that technique. This alternative to weight loss surgery works by hypnotically suggesting a smaller stomach and therefore eating smaller portions and feeling full. Through highly effective hypnotic imagery, it is possible to lose weight steadily and easily.

Addie even consulted with a local surgical anesthesiologist to insure the reality of the hypnotic experience. Addie’s comprehensive weight loss program also includes direct suggestions for weight loss, meal portion and quality of diet throughout the hypnotherapy process. Her client is assisted to develop lifestyle change, establish a new and more positive relationship with food and create a healthy body image.

Addie’s specially designed CD is in two parts: Track One is a mini but comprehensive overview for establishing effective weight loss strategies and creating an positive weight loss mindset for Hypno-Gastric Reduction hypnosis. Track Two is the actual Hypno-Gastric Reduction™ hypnotherapy session that Addie uses with her private clients. This CD is in no way meant to replace any advice, medication or treatment plan given or suggested to you by your physician.

This Hypno-Gastric Reduction ™ CD is now available online for $24.88 or as an instant MP3 download for $15. Visit her Audio Shop at http://DearAddie.com for more information.


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