Newly Released Book: Secrets from the Brain Holds the Key to Workplace Performance

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You see it in every workplace: the bright up-and-comer whose book smarts can't overcome his lack of street smarts and political smarts; the young, ambitious MBA grad with lofty career aspirations who can't stay focused on the key elements of her job; the hyper-aggressive sales manager who may know his clients and his business, but hasn't a clue what it takes to motivate and energize his staff; the human-resources professional who freezes every time she has to make a major presentation in the executive boardroom; and the aspiring leader who is seeking that extra edge, to move ahead.

These people need help. They need advice and direction. They need someone to tell them just what it is that's working against their career hopes and dreams and give them practical solutions, based on what brain research says about work performance.

Lorie Saxby, Ph.D., and Phyllis Hiebert, M.B.A., have guided people through this kind of thing many times. Saxby is president of a Waterloo, Ontario company called Working Brain Associates Inc., Hiebert is president of Catalysis Consulting Group Inc. With their individual backgrounds in brain research and work performance consulting, and in organizational development consulting, they have written the new strategic guide, Secrets from the Brain: Sharpen Your Thinking, Power Your Performance.

Secrets from the Brain is a workplace handbook for the workplace- and performance-challenged. It gets right to the point, asking the key questions and providing clear answers. There is particular focus and emphasis on the role that executive cognitive skills of the frontal lobes of the brain can play in job performance. They invite us to ask these questions of ourselves: Do I forget to follow through on details? Do I have difficulty staying focused? Do I find myself running behind much of the time? Do I speak – often unwisely – before my brain kicks into gear?

Written directly and clearly – and full of everyday examples - Secrets from the Brain offers up real-life examples and real-life help based on behaviours associated with frontal lobe executive cognitive skills.

Tuck this unique resource book into your desk or your briefcase. You'll refer to it time and time again, not only for its helpful advice to help your resolve your workplace performance issues, but also to reinforce your strengths. Secrets from the Brain has the key to unlock the full power of your on-the-job performance.

For sales of this book through Working Brain Associates Inc.,
10% of profits for the first year will be donated
by Lorie Saxby to the Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo

Secrets from the Brain: Sharpen Your Thinking, Power Your Performance
by Lorie Saxby and Phyllis Hiebert
Published by Working Brain Associates Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9813718-0-1
Lorie Saxby


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