RC4 Wireless Offers Relief for Wireless Anxiety Syndrome (WAS): Also Launches London, UK, Telephone Number to Assist European Sufferers

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If wireless show control makes you nervous, consider RC4Magic Series 2 from RC4 Wireless. It comes with a Metageek WiSpy RF spectrum analyzer, so you can see how well it avoids other wireless signals and ensures optimal performance show after show. Put an end to Wireless Anxiety Syndrome (WAS) with this special limited-time offer.

Don’t use it without good reason. Honestly, do you want to trust your entire show to wireless, even when it’s easy to run a cable?

Wireless show control probably makes you nervous. Do you really want to trust a radio link for show-critical systems? Remembering the last time your cellphone dropped a call, or somebody’s model airplane crashed to the ground, your answer is probably a resounding “no”.

But a growing number of wireless dmx success stories are coming to light, and not just the ones highlighted in manufacturer’s advertising. Many of those positive experiences involve RC4 Wireless, a front-runner in the field with experience all the way back to early productions of The Phantom of the Opera in the 1980s. Today, RC4 products are reliably used all over the world, in numerous productions by Cirque du Soleil, Disney, and many, many others.

“My technical support channels are so dead, I sometimes wonder if anybody is actually using my stuff,” says James David Smith, president and product designer at RC4. “Last year I started contacting past customers, to ask them if everything was ok. What a thrill to discover that my systems are not only working well, they are being used constantly. There are numerous repertory companies that purchased an RC4Magic Series 2 system for one particular show, and have incorporated it into every production since!”

Hard to believe, of course. (An unexpected wash of noise just interrupted the traffic report on the radio.) But there are good reasons why RC4Magic Series 2 works so well, despite an ever growing number of wireless products competing for RF bandwidth. “When an RC4Magic Series 2 transmitter powers up, it scans the RF band, and finds the clearest space to operate. It may be a different spot every time, but it will always be the best possible spot,” explains Smith. “Then, proprietary data compression ensures we use the smallest portion of bandwidth demanded by any wireless DMX system on the market, while delivering perfect visual results. RC4Magic Series 2 doesn’t need much space, so it finds what it needs quite easily. And it leaves plenty of room for other systems and devices.”

Such claims are not unique to RC4 Wireless. Numerous vendors make claims about superlative wireless performance, data integrity, and so on. One manufacturer has even published a “lab report” claiming a competitor delivers data errors a whopping 99% of the time (specifically, City Theatrical makes this claim about the original and now obsolete RC4Magic).

“There are two simple rules-of-thumb to keep in mind when considering wireless dmx and wireless dimming,” proclaims Smith, of RC4. “First – don’t use it without good reason. Honestly, do you want to trust your entire show to wireless, even when it’s easy to run a cable? Second – try wireless when you can, in non-critical applications, and come to your own conclusions. You may love it; you may hate it. It’s my job to make something you’ll love.”

The dusty tech support phone at RC4 Wireless suggests Smith is meeting his objective. And now, for a limited time, RC4Magic Series 2 purchases over $1000 are shipped with a free Metageek WiSpy RF spectrum analyzer. Right on your laptop screen you can see all the wireless activity in your vicinity and watch the RC4Magic Series 2 find the best spot to operate. Now that is piece of mind.


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