New England Solutions Announces That the Secret Solution for Fast, Easy and Permanent Weight Loss has Finally Become Available

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A new Web site from New England Solutions explains the 4 key elements & specific cutting-edge nutrients that need to be part of any plan to burn fat, look slim and successfully lose weight.

Health researchers have estimated that around 40 million people in the United States, or 1 in 6 people, die from health risks that are associated with being overweight, each year. A study done by the New England Journal of Medicine also reported that having too much belly fat can actually double your risk of dying from stroke, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. However, the good thing is that there are natural, safe and 100% proven formulas which work to eliminate all the extra weight and fat, without the need for you to give up being trim, fit and healthy.    

New England Solutions announces a new product containing all of the major aspects for successful weight control, which is scientifically designed to give you the results that no other weight loss product can match, and it’s backed by a lot of clinical research as well.

The Website contains all the four essential elements that contribute to a successful weight loss program. The formula fights abdominal fat, because it contains a nutrient that’s been studied to effectively reduce the body’s production of stress hormones, which leads to the accumulation of unhealthy body fat. The formula also enhances the body’s metabolism, and clinical studies have indicated a significant increase in the body’s calorie burning potentials, as compared to a placebo. It also gives the body the energy to maximize workout performance. Imagine having the ability to burn 20 times more calories than drinking coffee or green tea? Now Science Validates this new product as an Obesity Fighter

The new formula also effectively controls appetite and between-meal cravings, and also gives the mind a positive mood. It also contains the advanced proprietary fiber formula, which provides the body with a gentle but effective detoxifying action needed to promote healthy and regular bowel movement. The fiber formula also slows down absorption, and improves the body’s overall metabolism. This also ensures that while you’re losing weight, your health will continue to be kept in optimum condition. The formula is designed to strengthen your immune system, as well as build up your body’s defenses against sickness and infection.

Don’t fall prey to those who offer watered-down 15 or 21-day lose weight guarantees. Take the 90-day challenge now. We’ll guarantee that you lose all unwanted pounds, burn more fat, and reshape your body, or you’ll get a “no hassle” money back refund. The 90-day guarantee should make you realize that other weight-loss plans simply don’t have confidence in their products.    

The significant results of several human clinical studies on, with its proprietary triple patent pending liquid weight loss supplement, were recently presented at the 27th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Obesity Society. This important conference, held in Washington, DC, brought together the world’s leading players in the field of obesity – from basic and clinical researchers and clinicians to educators, advocates, policy shapers, and practitioners.

At the conference, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Haru Amagase presented research on the impact of our new product on weight management. He discussed the unique mode of action and the significant reductions in body weight, body mass index (BMI), waist and hip circumferences observed in several controlled human clinical studies. We also found significant improvements over placebo in blood pressure, fasting glucose levels, and total body fat content. The formula was developed after weight loss benefits were noted in clinical studies on two other supplements, both of which are based on the Asian goji berry (Lycium barbarum).

The findings on our new product will be published in the respected journal Obesity. “These results are very interesting and promising,” remarked Dr. Marie-Pierre St-Onge, noted obesity research expert and Assistant Professor at St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital and New York Obesity Research Center at Columbia University. She added, “The rise in energy expenditure (i.e., fat burning) with these goji-based products is interesting and suggests a mechanism by which they can assist in weight management.”

“Lycium barbarum is a very interesting herb,” stated Dr. Norman R. Farnsworth, world-renowned Professor of Pharmacognosy (study of plant-based medicines) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. “Clinical studies have shown multiple health benefits for humans, especially for general well-being, for immune-modulation, and for its antioxidant effects. The medicinal properties of Lycium barbarum in traditional Asian medicine correlate well with recent scientific studies. It appears that the active compounds in Lycium barbarum are polysaccharides (LBP) on which the TAIslim product is standardized.”

The studies are posted here:

The Abstract is posted here: from New England Solutions explains ways towards avoiding the Obesity epidemic.

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