THE WORKBOOK STORE: Integrated Workshop Materials and Assessment Tools Are Now Available for Organizational Development, Process Improvement, and Quantum Transformation

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Practical, integrated, and beautifully designed workshop materials are organized into 15 one-day workshops for achieving these key aspects of organizational success: culture change, skills development, teamwork, revitalizing strategy-structure, revamping reward systems, implementing total quality management, reengineering business processes, and speeding up organizational learning. You can purchase these training materials as three integrated Workbooks, Volumes I, II, and III. Conveniently, the same materials are also available as separate chapters (organized as one-day workshops) and stand-alone assessment tools. High-quality presentation slides, which are paginated to match the corresponding pages in the workbooks and chapters, are also available for purchase. All materials are provided as downloads in Acrobat pdf files.

The most beautiful and practical collection of workshop materials ever created for organizations. All the presentations, cases, assessments, and exercises are designed into fifteen one-day workshops. A very generous treasure for consultants and trainers!

Dr. Ralph H. Kilmann is the co-developer of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), the most widely used conflict management survey in the world. So it is good news that Kilmann has just announced the arrival of The Workbook Store: Management consultants and trainers can now obtain and use many more of Kilmann's unique tools for improving and transforming organizations.

As a total package, all the workbook materials are carefully organized into a set of three volumes: Workbooks for Implementing the Tracks, Volume I, II, and III. All together, there are more than 2000 pages (yes, two thousand pages) of beautifully designed workshop materials (including presentations, cases, exercises, assessment tools, and group discussions). All these materials have been created to implement Kilmann's eight tracks for quantum transformation: (1) culture track, (2) skills track, (3) team track, (4) strategy-structure track, (5) reward system track, (6) gradual process track, (7) radical process track, and (8) learning process track.

The first three tracks (culture, skills, teams) make up the informal systems, also called the "behavioral infrastructure." The middle two tracks (strategy-structure, reward system) concern the organization's formal systems. Once the informal and formal systems of the organization have been improved and aligned with the help of consultants and trainers, members can then proceed to the process tracks (gradual process, radical process, learning process). These last three tracks integrate the most vital practices developed for Total Quality Management (TQM), business process reengineering, and organizational learning. As a sequence of 15 one-day workshops, these materials cover ALL the major areas for organizational improvement, but do so in a way that first creates the proper foundation for long-term success (especially, the behavioral infrastructure)—before members can effectively address their more difficult and complex challenges (such as radically improving business and learning processes).

For those consultants and trainers who want to focus on well-defined change initiates, Kilmann has made all the separate chapters and all the stand-alone surveys and instruments available on The Workbook Store. In addition, presentation slides are also available (either as Volumes I, II, and III or as separate chapters). And Kilmann offers a FREE 166 page Logistics Manual, which provides all the behind-the-scenes logistical and implementation details for successfully managing an improvement program for tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees.

The three volumes of workbooks, the separate chapters, the surveys and instruments, the logistics manual, and detailed consultant schedules for pacing through the material—all these materials are available in pdf files for easy downloading.

To fully appreciate the integrated theory behind the eight tracks, Kilmann also offers his 2001 book as a download: Quantum Organizations: A New Paradigm for Achieving Organizational Success and Personal Meaning. This book includes 107 pictures in full color, which illuminate all the theories and tracks in Kilmann's completely integrated program.

Kilmann has priced his workbooks to sell: Volume I, for example, which includes around 900 pages of integrated materials, sells for only $50. The separate chapters are only $10 each. His assessment tools, including a culture-gap survey, a belief survey, a personality style instrument, and an organizational courage assessment, each sells for only $5 a piece. And Kilmann's book, Quantum Organization, is selling for only $25. Given the beautiful and practical design of these remarkable materials, The Workbook Store is a very generous treasure for consultants, trainers, and human resources specialists.

In sum, anyone would be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive program for improving organizations, which is based on Kilmann's thirty years of research experience in a leading university as well as his extensive consulting work with many organizations—both in the U.S. and abroad. You have to see these workshop materials yourself to truly appreciate what is now available for consultants and trainers at a very reasonable price.


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