Top Ranked Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Twitter User Launches Interactive News and Entertainment Website

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New Website Launches to Combine Unique Stories And Breaking News With Social Media For Immediate Distribution and Maximum Impact.

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Matt Drudge and Perez Hilton - look out - there's a new challenger in the blogosphere, with the addition of the newly launched website! According to, Terry Aley's Twitter username "rawveggies" has been ranked Number 1 in Lake Havasu City with the most followers. (via Aley plans to build on this ranking with his new website,, and branch out into breaking news.

Mo'Nique's Hairy Legs!
-Olympic Skier Loses Race After Hearing Neighbor Having Too Much Sex!
-A $700 pair of Nikes
-A List of Twitter Celebrities, and How They Treat Their Fans

( These are just a few of the things Terry Aley might be talking about on his website that brings together politics, outlandish news and celebrities.

By day, he designs and implements advertising campaigns for healthcare professionals. By night, he runs a news blogging website,

The problem with most news websites is that the bulk of their content is on every other news site. And if it is original content, it may only have local appeal. Aley sifts through up to a hundred websites a day to locate the best breaking news. "These days, if a news story breaks at 10 a.m., and you don't post it until 3 p.m., it's already old news," he says. News is also in a 24-hour cycle these days. While most of U.S. is sound asleep, places like Europe and Australia are in full swing with their news cycles. "I peruse what's happening on the other side of the globe late at night. I'm seeing breaking news that the DrudgeReport won't be reporting until the next morning," he says.

The age of Twitter and social media change everything. People hear about breaking news, sometimes within minutes. Standard news websites then must write a story, get quotes, find a photo or video to illustrate it, then post it. The story also often has to break between 9 to 5, or they need to keep a design and website crew on the job 24/7 to make sure someone can post it. "I don't post most breaking news stories, only the ones that haven't been picked up heavily by the mainstream media. I don't like to have redundant stories. There may be a major earthquake somewhere, but everyone else is covering it. That's not my niche," Aley says.

It took months to get just right. There aren't many news sites designed to coordinate with Twitter. Originally, he wanted each of his Twitter posts to flow into his website, then allow for comments. As it turns out, it was just as fast to make a blog post of any length, then to "reTweet" the post allowing for a link over to his website. This allows for more than the 140 character limit of Twitter. Twitter users following Aley are immediately linked, they can reTweet to their own followers, and anyone can jump in and participate by commenting on the story.

The site was a combination of ideas. It has the continual feed of new content, with the newest stories at the top, much like It also integrates some celebrity elements. "I started Twitter last year, then realized I was chatting with a lot of celebrities. I can be chatting with a celebrity, then posting a related news item," he says. There is some gossip on the site, but it's usually done tongue and cheek. "There isn't as much shock and relentless celebrity bashing as with PerezHilton," he says. It also takes some elements from "I post a lot of links to stories I enjoy. I don't think it's necessary to illustrate every story. Some people just want to know what happened in one to four sentences – they don't need to get completely immersed in it."

Don't think Aley lets celebrities off the hook though. "I posted an article about celebrities on Twitter, including the ones who will chat with you, and the ones who are Twitter train wrecks. People appreciate the fact I tell them Denise Richards is a big name dropper. And Deepak Chopra has trouble spelling and making sense at times when Tweeting – despite being an accomplished author."

Aley has a journalism degree that doesn't get much use these days, so the site allows him the chance to select and discuss stories he loves. The site is deliberately simple. "I don't want a site like Fox News, with so many visual elements that it's overwhelming. It has to be clean, simple and orderly," he says.

Aley is also politically independent. "I'm just as likely to say something good or bad about either the Democrats or the Republicans. I don't slam Al Gore for global warming every day. But I also don't slam Sarah Palin for every gaffe. I might say something bad today, but I am just as likely to say something good tomorrow."

So far the venture is all in fun. "I'm not quitting my day job anytime soon. For me, this is an exciting way to spend an evening," he says.

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