New Invention Seeks to Revolutionize Construction Industry

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First-of-its-kind aluminum template cuts wall board to fit fluted deck ceilings. Contractors will triple profit margins and reduce time expenditures by eliminating imprecise drywall cuts and streamlining the ‘topping out’ process.

In commercial construction, such as large retail stores and warehouses, fluted (ridge-like) metal panels have become common. Typically, a series of fluted panels (also referred to as corrugated panels) are joined together and supported by an array of metal trusses to form a continuous roof decking system. Fluted panels are also found in multi-storied buildings between floors, rated shafts in elevators and in stairwells.

When the ceiling is fluted, the wall board must be cut to fit the fluting through a process called ‘topping out’ (finishing the top of a structure). It is extremely important that wall board form a tight seal between the top of wall board and when fluted deck is the roof that meets the wall board.

‘Topping out’ has traditionally been a costly and time consuming process. The old way, a series of measurements are shouted from a worker high atop a scaffold to a worker on the floor. This has to be done loudly enough to be heard over other construction noises at the site. Each section of drywall must then be painstakingly cut by hand and passed back and forth between the workers until the drywall section fits in securely with the fluted metal decking patterns on the roof of the structure.    

Because of the inaccuracy of cuts and sheer number of drywall sections to affix, errors are the norm. Oversized gaps must be filled in with rockwool, then held in place and sealed with the use of expensive firespray. As every contractor knows, this can lead to a nauseating loss of time and material and increased man hours. In a worst case scenario a contractor gets no call back to bid. The end result is wasted time and wasted materials but most of all: Frustration!

A smoother, faster, cheaper process

With the use of a Drywall Template Tool, the headaches associated with topping out are now a thing of the past.

Roc Croc…

‘Take’s a Bite out of Drywall’

Core features include:

  •     Consistent duplication of (inside or outside) patterns    
  •     Easy-to-read measurements right on the tool
  •     Sliding alignment square for difficult in-between cuts
  •     Automatically provides the half inch UL standard gap between the metal deck and drywall
  •     Provides a timesaving solution in matching up with any fluted metal decking
  •     Provides a less time consuming process in meeting clearance requirements from all metal decking
  •     Assists in avoiding stress cracks
  •     Avoids the chinking of Rockwool
  •     Removes the necessity for the use of fire spray
  •     Allows for the use of much less expensive fire caulking
  •     US Patent Products    
  •     Requires no training

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