Tracers Launches New One-Click Social Network Profile Search

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The new search traces and identifies the actual owner or user of a specific email address, identifies other email relationships, web postings, pictures, personal details, friends, family and more.

The web is quickly becoming the primary way people meet and keep in touch with each other

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Tracers Information Specialists, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its newest, cutting edge information tool, the Social Network Profile Search. This is the latest in a wide range of state-of-the-art information solutions that the Spring Hill, Florida-based company has been first to bring to market.

The new search, which was launched March 1st, traces and identifies the actual owner or user of a specific email address, identifies other email relationships, web postings, pictures, personal details, friends, family and more. The search, which is run by inputting an email address into Tracers’ simple user interface, allows qualified users to search over 50 different social networks and World Wide Web sources with one search.

The Social Network Profile Search was developed by Tracers’ Chief Operating Officer, Terry Kilburn, in response to growing demand for a simple solution to problems that arise from an increasingly mobile society. “The web is quickly becoming the primary way people meet and keep in touch with each other,” Kilburn explained. “For the most part, that’s a good thing. My family is spread out all over the country and social networking sites allow us to maintain a sense of family even though we rarely see each other.”

But there is a seedier side to social networking. Members of the Tracers executive team, including Kilburn, General Manger Teera Garcia and Internet Technologies Director Tony Fodera recently met with members of a nationwide task force made up of law enforcement agents who have come together to pool their resources in the fight against the growing problem of internet child predation.

One federal agent, speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated “The internet has completely changed the landscape for us. There was a time when most people who had urges to prey on children never acted on those urges. Now, they’re finding each other on the internet, encouraging each other to think of their urges as ‘normal.’ They go to these chat rooms and networking sites where they find each other and they give each other tips. They share videos and how-to manuals. They even have downloadable comic books to show kids to make them think it’s okay to have sex with grownups. ”

Tracers’ E-People Search, which traces and identifies the actual owners or users of a specific email addresses, was a giant first step in closing in on child predators who use the internet as a hunting ground. Within weeks of the E-People Search’s launch last summer, thousands of child predators were positively identified and located, saving law enforcement agencies across the country months of work.

"The Social Network Profile Report was the next logical step,” reports Terry Kilburn. “It identifies information available on the Web associated to the input email address, locates other email addresses associated with that individual and then identifies information available on the Web about those email address and puts the whole thing together for you in an easy-to-read format.”

Some of the websites it covers are Amazon, Bebo, BizShark, Blogger, Buzznet, Dailymotion, DeviantART, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Flickr Group, Flixster, Fotolog, Friendster, Goodreads, Hi5, iLike, Imeem,, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Multiply, MySpace, Netlog, Pandora, PhotoBucket, Picasa, PictureTrail, Slide, Stumbleupon, Tagged, Target, Twitter, Veoh, Vox, Web Results, WebShots, Windows Live Spaces, Wretch, Xanga, Yelp, YouTube and many other commonly frequented sites.

The new search was extensively beta tested by a select group of Tracers’ customers. Don Postles of Mid-Hudson Protective Services reported, “I have used the "Social Network" feature quite extensively and found that it provides the additional tools that I have been seeking to locate information on my subjects via e-mail addresses. As of just yesterday, I was able to close two of my cases by determining that the subject in question was, in fact, the person that I have been seeking (through their Facebook/Myspace accounts) and now I am submitting my report to my client as a ‘Final and Substantiated Report’”.

Vicki Seidow, president of Seidow and Associates, a California-based investigative firm, said, “I’m a good web researcher, so I was really surprised when I inputted the email address that was included in the search results I got from a Tracers’ People Search and found volumes of information about the young psychologist who was the subject of my background check. I’d already done a deep web search on my subject, but the Tracers search made connections I could never have made. It seems that the young doctor has a number of incarnations, all linked by a series of email and physical addresses. Many of these include very questionable photos and more, and the search linked him to friends, blogs, and so much more. I have data here that I never would have found, and it took only a moment with Social Network Profile.”

Seidow, the founder of Forensic, Legal and Investigative Professionals (F.L.I.P.) and F.L.I.P Justice, an informal network of professionals who individually and collectively provide pro bono work to people who couldn’t otherwise afford a private investigator, and co-founder of Project Child Save continued, “I’m especially excited to find a simple, inexpensive tool that will be invaluable in our work with missing children, pedophiles, cold cases and assisting law enforcement.”

The search can help identify the individual responsible for sending email messages that are connected to threatening or harassing behavior, Internet related fraud, and other various illegal activities, as well as internet dating background checks, infidelity investigations, wire fraud, money laundering, stalking activities, and Internet predators.

Kerry Farney of Expo Confidential Services in Orlando, FL says that the usefulness of the Social Network Profile Search for his business is universal. “It’s very useful in cases where people are trolling for dates in domestic cases, or in child custody cases… [and] in employment screening… and background checks for court cases.”

Tracers Information Specialists, Inc. is one of the nation's leading providers of identification and credential verification data. Tracers collects and maintains databases of public and non-public background information for law enforcement, government agencies, law firms, private investigators, insurance companies and other qualified businesses. Their products are designed to assist qualified business customers in managing risk through fraud detection and prevention, risk evaluation, identity verification, pre-screening and due diligence.

The new Social Network Profile Search, which sells for $2.00 (no hit - no fee), is also being used to verify applicant-supplied data by employment and tenant screening firms. “It fills in a whole lot of holes,” says Terry Kilburn.

Lamont Aldridge of SYNC Investigative Services, a Dallas-based company whose primary focuses are bail enforcement, asset location and process service says that Social Network Searches have made his job much easier. “People who are hiding will post what they’re doing on MySpace and Twitter all day long, especially on Friday nights. The other night, a bail jumper I was looking for used Twitter to tell all his friends ‘I’ll be at Club X at 9:30.’ I just sat there thinking, ‘Yeah, buddy. I’ll see you there.’”

For more information, contact Tracers Sales Department at (877) 592-8511 or sales(at)tracersinfo(dot)com.

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