Wondering What the Next Decade has In Store? Look West.

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Sunset Magazine’s March issue predicts how the West—and the rest of the country--will be living in the near future

Sunset Magazine

The premier guide to life in the West

Just about every major trend we’ve seen in the past decade—solar power, hybrid cars, organic produce, iPhones—was launched in the Western part of the United States.

Change happens first in the West: The rise in energy efficiency, health clubs and blue jeans were all born alongside countless other pioneering concepts that later went on to sweep the nation. The March issue of Sunset magazine (http://www.sunset.com ), the premier guide to life in the West, shows you what’s next—from new concepts in gardening, a focus on vegetables (growing and eating them), and a list of the Best Towns of the Future.

“Just about every major trend we’ve seen in the past decade—solar power, hybrid cars, organic produce, iPhones—was launched in the Western part of the United States,” said Katie Tamony, Sunset editor-in-chief. “Our March issue is our chance to fill in our readers—and the rest of the country—on the major trends we see coming.”

What can you look forward to next? Gardening—but in a new way that fits our hurried and urban lifestyles. In “Garden Anywhere” (p. 78), Westerners are rethinking where gardens can grow. Have a wall? A roof? A tabletop? Plant them. Almost any outdoor surface—vertical or horizontal—can become an ornamental or edible garden with a few simple tips and tools and basic knowledge of your growing zones.

Sometimes in order to move forward, it’s best to look back and that’s exactly what Sunset associate garden editor, Julie Chai, does in “Edible Heirlooms” (p. 37), a guide to growing old-time fruits and vegetables from seed. With big flavor, thousands of varieties, and gorgeous off-beat colors and patterns, heirlooms are a delight for the senses as well as the pocketbook. One packet of seeds costs a few dollars and yields hundreds of dollars worth of produce.

Declaring the Twenty Tens the Decade of Experimentation and the West its laboratory, Sunset editors showcase the “20 Best Towns of the Future” (p. 69). These forward-thinking places are where to live now and in the future thanks to their commitment to experimentation, creativity, energy efficiency, and good local food sources:

1.    Palo Alto, CA
2.    Golden Hill, San Diego
3.    Eugene, OR
4.    Corvallis, OR
5.    Lamar, CO
6.    Phoenix, AZ
7.    Pasadena, CA
8.    Denver, CO
9.    Tucson, AZ
10.    Oakland, CA
11.    San Luis Obispo, CA
12.    Portland, OR
13.    Fairbanks, AK
14.    Olympia, WA
15.    San Clemente, CA
16.    Bellevue, WA
17.    Novato, CA
18.    Boulder, CO
19.    Las Cruces, NM
20.    Boise, ID

Conventional hotel rooms are so last decade. Moving forward, we’re looking for more than just a roof over our heads. In “Unique Sleeps” (p. 30), Sunset uncovers 10 spots, including a treehouse, an igloo, and a sphere suspended from conifer trees, that make the hotel room seem boring, snoring.

Also in the March issue:

  •     Chicken Dinner Challenge (p. 84) – Four fabulous recipes from four common (aka boring) ingredients: Stuffed chicken with rosemary polenta, Chicken soup with saffron and almonds, Green goddess chicken wraps, and North Indian-style spinach chicken.
  •     Pasta for Everyone (p. 92) – Quick sauces designed for the new gluten-free pastas.
  •     Meatballs, the Next Generation (p. 94) – Sunset reimagined this classic for the future—Puttanesca meatball sliders, Shrimp and pork meatball wraps with Vietnamese dipping sauce, and Creamy lemon soup with lamb mint meatballs.
  •     Telluride on a dime (p. 27)– Think this ritzy Colorado town is out of reach? Think again.

Editors available for interviews.
Recipes available upon request.

Sunset magazine is the premier guide to life in the West, covering the newest and best ideas in Western home design and landscaping, food and entertaining, and regional travel in 13 Western states. Sunset and sunset.com are part of the Lifestyle group of magazines and websites published by Time Inc., the largest magazine publisher in the U.S., and a leading publisher in the U.K. and Mexico.

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