A Beauty Handbook for Radiantly Healthy Skin

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Looking for easy ways to boost lackluster skin? Skincare-News rounded up 40 surefire tips to improve skin from head to toe.

Most people’s skin could benefit from a little pick-me-up. Blemishes, fine lines and dullness are just a few culprits that get in the way of a clear, radiant complexion. Find out how to achieve healthy, luminous skin with this excerpt from Skincare-News.com’s latest article, “40 Tried-and-True Tips for Getting Clearer, Healthier & More Radiant Skin From Head to Toe.”

1.    Stop tanning (that includes indoor and outdoor tanning!). The best way to age quicker and harm skin is through tanning. It might sound harsh, but nothing ages a person’s skin more than tanning. UV rays give skin a wrinkled, discolored, rough and dry appearance, not to mention they increase the risk for skin cancer.

2.    Get rid of expired products. Putting on spoiled products can really do a number on skin. Expired skin care and makeup can cause irritation and infection. For instance, toss mascara after three months, because it’s the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can even lead to eye infections.

3.    Stress less. Many people are surprised when they learn that stress plays a big role in the health of their skin, exacerbating skin conditions, triggering acne, causing dryness and leaving skin unhealthy, as a whole. Give skin a boost with some effective stress-relievers, such as exercise, practicing breathing techniques, pampering the body with spa-inspired DIY treats, and sleeping more.

4.    Banish body acne. Acne on the body is embarrassing, annoying and tough to treat. But body blemishes can be prevented and treated with a few simple tips: Shower immediately after doing any sweat-inducing activity. Consider using acne-fighting cleansers designed for the body. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells that build up and contribute to acne.

5.    Try retinoids. Retinoids or their non-prescription cousin, retinol, are healthy-skin powerhouses. These vitamin-A derivatives rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, reducing lines and wrinkles, diminishing discoloration and clearing up acne. They’re the ultimate skincare trifecta, because they help with acne, skin health and radiance.

Read all 40 tips on how to get clear, healthy, radiant skin at Skincare-News.com

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