The Key to All Mythologies and Religions Finally Found

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All people wonder where we came from and why we believe what we do. Now one author tackles that question with a book of epic proportions, tracing human history through religion’s origins and the evolution of both over nineteen millennia.

Readers can trace human history and understand various world religions’ shared origins in the Ice Age in Prithviraj R’s astonishingly bold and concise new book “19,000 Years of World History: The Story of Religion” (ISBN 9780557175451, Lulu, 2009).

For the first time, an author has dared to reconstruct human history by exploring the scriptures of numerous religions including Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Conclusions drawn are firmly based in archaeological findings, linguistics, and cultural practices. “19,000 Years of World History” meticulously traces the history of civilized man and how and why various major and minor religions were born. Its answers and conclusions are satisfying even as they rewrite history.

Open-minded readers will instantly find their understanding of history and religion illuminated. Attention-grabbing statements quickly make the book impossible to put down, including, “The concept of Satan in Christianity has its origins in Ahriman, the evil spirit of Zoroastrians, and Ahriman is none other than Brahman, the Supreme God of Indians,” and “The covenant with God of Abrahamic religions is nothing but an agreement among Yadavas of India that they are not going to worship any God other than Krishna.”

Prithviraj R writes in a friendly, easily accessible style for the lay reader while unlocking the mysteries of history and religion. The journey through the book’s pages will leave readers with a sense of mystery, wonder, and awe as numerous theories are explored from why Jesus did not die on the cross to how all religions may have their source in an ancient culture near the Arctic that moved southward following the end of the Ice Age. The argument and assertions are fascinating and logically reasoned. “19,000 Years of World History” is a book to read again and again as its fascinating information continues to be absorbed and change our understanding of who we are.

Readers and reviewers alike are raving about “19,000 Years of World History.” Reader Lonna Harrison declares, “This book should not be rushed, but rather like a fine wine should be enjoyed and savored chapter by chapter….There is something new to learn on every page which keeps the reader interested and thirsting for more.” Mick from Wisconsin states, “‘19,000 Years of World History: The Story of Religion’ is the greatest history on religion book I have ever read.” And Jennifer at ReaderSpoils glows, “a literary gem for any historian or religious studies enthusiast. This eloquently written book is well researched and convincing to the end.” All are in agreement that “19,000 Years of World History” is the book for anyone who seeks a more thorough understanding of religion and how it has shaped human history.

About the Author
Born into a devout family, Prithviraj R had read the huge and unabridged version of India’s famous epic Valmiki Ramayan and become well versed in India’s epic Mahabharat by age ten. He soon gained a comparative knowledge of other major world religions by observing huge differences between the religious cultures of India’s different regions. Prithviraj R felt that India as well as other cultures faced several to and fro migrations throughout their histories. This book is a product of two decades of research in religious studies, in which Prithviraj R traces Indian as well as world history to a group of people who lived in the Arctic region 19,000 years ago.

“19,000 Years of World History: The Story of Religion” (ISBN 9780557175451, Lulu, 2009) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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