Caveman Lifestyle Proves Foodies Wrong as Paleo Shows Versatility in the Kitchen

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The benefits of Paleolithic living are sending shockwaves through the food and health industry. Never before has a diet been capable of curing existing health problems and tackling weight gain so quickly. Evidence that Paleolithic living can cure migraines, sleep problems, high blood pressure and obesity is steering people away from quick fix Hollywood diets and back toward the diet nature intended humans to follow.

Historical images of cavemen depict lean torsos, glowing complexions and slim offspring, yet unless we make some radical changes, 100 years from now, the modern day depiction of the average man will look very different without the assistance of photo-editing.

Paleo diet enthusiast and author of the Paleo Cookbooks, Nikki Young, says; “people are becoming increasingly aware that following a paleo diet will not only make us look healthier and younger, but also considerably reduce the chances of illness and improve our general quality of life”.

Naturally healthy looking people are close to becoming a thing of the past. Bad skin, dark eye circles, obesity, premature aging and consistent illness have become accepted sufferance’s of life. Fast living means fast food, and the unhealthier we get the more we crave the processed food diet we have become accustomed to. That is until now.

A health revolution branded ‘The Paleo Diet’ is taking the world back to its hunter-gatherer roots. Food specialists are admitting that a wrong turn driven by modern agricultural has left society in a state of very bad health, and the Paleo Diet is producing results previously unseen by medical science. Evidence that Paleolithic living can cure migraines, sleep problems, high blood pressure and obesity is steering people away from quick fix Hollywood diets and back toward the diet nature intended humans to follow.

The Paleo Diet is aligned with our natural environment. It requires us to eat as our ancestors would have done. Naturally, our bodies are designed to eat nuts, fruits, seeds and meat, not processed foods or foods containing preservatives and high levels of salt and sugar.

Up until now, foodies have criticised Paleo eating for a lack of choice and meal variety, the thought of not being able to eat pasta, cheese or ice-cream has panicked those who live for taste bud tickling meals, but not anymore. One of the key figures responsible for leading the Paleo revolution is Nikki Young, a Paleo Diet enthusiast and author of the cookbook series, ‘The Paleo Cookbooks’. Nikki’s Paleo Cookbooks offer over 310 innovative Paleo recipes, ranging from snacks to fully fledged evening meals. The notion that a Paleo existence is a bland one is fast becoming a misconception of the past. The Paleo Cookbooks even offer chocolate and cake recipes that keep those processed sugar cravings at bay.

Paleolithic living is proving that wheat and dairy intolerances needn’t be a part of our lives anymore. We don’t need pasta, bread, dairy products or processed foods making us feel bloated and lethargic, what we need is a diet that compliments our biological design and is kind to our digestive system. The benefits of eating fresh foods naturally harvested from the earth like our forefathers did is not a scientific revelation, it is just logical common sense.

The last decade has been plagued by diet fads, patronising nutritionists and a society obsessed with weight loss, yet Paleo living is helping to make ‘counting calories’ and visits to the doctor’s surgery a thing of the past.

Although referred to as a diet, Paleo eating should be considered more of a sensible and obvious lifestyle choice. Unlike conventional dieting, there is no measuring of food quantities and frustrating daily weigh-ins, only the requirement of eating natural, wholesome ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Paleo cooking provides a balanced, natural and delicious diet that doesn’t take much effort, and the best part is that you don’t need to eat less to lose weight, because your body will naturally adapt to the natural food sources that promote a healthy lean body.

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