Heardable.com, The World's First And Only Online Brand Optimization Tool, Announces The Launch Of Its New Beta Website

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The Heardable platform may just be the simplest and most effective way for companies to measure their online brand performance against the competition. It's SEO for CEO's. Online brand analytics made easy.

Measuring your online brand visibility just got easier, thanks to Heardable (http://www.heardable.com). In today's competitive marketplace, getting found, and being heard, is a marketing imperative. A Heardable Score is one way for a business to assess its online brand visibility and map out the necessary next steps for improvement. The higher the score, the better you're doing. And yes, it really is that simple.

Heardable is the brainchild of a group of technologists, private equity investors and brand marketers who saw a great need for actionable analytics that could tie together all the components of online outreach into a single framework, as well as give CEOs, CMOs, brand managers, brand strategists and account planners a means for evaluating a brand's performance against the competition. Heardable aims to pick up where sites like Compete.com and Alexa.com have left these stakeholders in a scrutinizing place by giving them the ultimate purview into the complex and interwoven digital landscape.

Co-Founder, Gunther Sonnenfeld, a long-time agency strategist and technology developer, describes Heardable as a potential bridge between predictive analytics and real-time brand monitoring.

"Brands have a dizzying array of monitoring tools and analytics platforms at their disposal, not to mention the fact that they are awash with reams of data, most of which don't lead them to the insights they need, or provide them with quick, actionable steps to improve their position. The Heardable product is literally a response to the needs and stringent demands of marketers who are not only under tremendous pressure to deliver results, but who must do so in relatively narrow windows of time. We've also had the luxury of testing our tool inside the walls of some of the most innovative strategic agencies and media companies in the world, and we will continue to improve upon our offering with their qualitative and quantitative input."

Currently, the Heardable engine uses 20 on-site and 20 off-site variables to determine a brand's visibility across the web, but will likely double these input and output values in a matter of a few months since the core algorithm is highly scalable. A truly holistic solution, Heardable provides a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of a brand in six key areas:

  • actionable
  • measurable
  • portable
  • searchable
  • shareable
  • sociable

Heardable Scores are comprised of six subscores that roll up into the main score of 1,000 possible points.

Not only can a user run a single scan on a brand's visibility, but the comparative analysis feature allows a user to compare a brand to others in a particular category. An example of this is a Heardable analysis of the automotive brands Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Mitsubishi and Nissan; what makes this case study so compelling is that it shows the value of brand engagement versus product engagement.

As many consumers out there now know, Toyota is going though a significant product recall. And while many Toyota owners are very upset about what has happened, loyalty to the brand overall has not waned, in large part due to the use of social and search channels that disseminate key information about the recall that all tie back to its main website. Now of course, there is no question that Toyota could be doing a much better job with its outreach, but the point here is that the brand still has far greater visibility on account of its online presence than an automaker like Hyundai does with the quality of its product - which has won a number of awards just in the past year.

The grand takeaway for brand managers and agency strategists is that being heard is a function of monitoring all outreach efforts -- which now can be done using a single, unified tool. Heardable users also have the option of creating lists and sharing this dynamic data with other Heardable community members within a built-in social environment.

The Heardable 100 list (http://heardable.com/heardable_lists.php) is one of the top content areas on the Heardable.com website so far, profiling the top one hundred brands in the world, in real-time, based on the rank order of all Heardable Scores in the platform's database.

Another powerful feature of the Heardable platform is that it can evaluate sites that have been recently registered (6 months or less)...something that other platforms like Compete.com and Alexa.com cannot do due to their data collection methodologies. When you think about all of the start-ups and small businesses out there, you realize very quickly that Heardable addresses a need for brands of all sizes, niche or not, to be heard.

Co-Founder, John Sharp, a successful investor and serial entrepreneur, and Chairman of DealHorizon.com - one of the first social networks for VC and private equity groups - elaborates on Heardable's potential as a web application phenomenon:

"I've literally seen hundreds of technology and media products come across my desk over the last 25 years, and this is one of the very few that deals with a real need in the marketplace, at a time when the media business is transforming, and social technologies are converging. In fact, the value proposition was so compelling to me that I decided to become an active partner. I've always believed that a great product is the result of an adaptive framework that can improve upon itself at great scale, and in following the lead of innovators such as Adobe or Apple, allow the marketplace to vet out its true value over time."

Mr. Sonnenfeld adds that while Heardable uses a brand's website as the central vehicle for performance measurement, real visibility is ubiquitous, which is why the Heardable algorithm not only takes into account as many off-site variables as it does on-site, but why the Heardable team is developing a host of APIs to integrate the platform with other powerful monitoring and analytics tools.

"We have reached a formative tipping point in digital media, and are now seeing real parity across channels. The bottom line for any brand in establishing and maintaining relevance within a very fragmented landscape is to understand that search, content development, social communication, portability and all the respective outreach channels are inexorably linked and are a part of the same ecosystem. One hand literally feeds the other. If brands are not already thinking along these lines, our goal is to help them get there."

Mr. Sharp and Mr. Sonnenfeld will be running live demonstrations of the product in the coming months at premiere digital conferences such as SXSW (http://sxsw.com), Gulltaggen (http://gulltaggen.no) and Innotech (http://innotech.com). Heardable has also been entered into the inaugural Hive Awards show at SXSW interactive, a platform for the "Unsung heroes of the Internet", led by agency veteran Alan Wolk, and supported by a host of respected thought leaders including David Armano, Brian Morrissey and Ian Schafer.

Heardable is in public BETA - simply go to the homepage, register and experience its value for yourself.


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