Biocide Systems’ roomSHOCKER Chemical Deodorizer Makes for Fast and Odor Free Apartment Turns.

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New Hi-Tech “Little White Pouch” removes smoke, paint, and new carpet odors from apartments in less than 24 hours and for as little as $25 per unit!

Apartment Odor

"My tenant assured me that she quit smoking as I do not rent my houses to smokers. That being said, the house still smelled horrible. Even though the tenant used 3-4 air fresheners throughout the house, it still smelled like smoke. I didn't know what to d

Biocide Systems is pleased to announce the first dual-function chemical deodorizer for the Apartment and Property Management industries – the roomSHOCKER Quick Release chemical deodorizer. The company recently completed tests with a large property management client where it significantly outperformed industry-standard ozone generator technology in removing cigarette smoke within 24 hours.    

According to the National Toxicology Program, there are at least 250 poisonous gases, chemicals, and metals associated with cigarettes and third-hand smoke. Among the most hazardous are hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, toluene (found in paint thinners), arsenic, lead, chromium (used to make steel), cadmium (used to make batteries), and polonium-210 (highly radioactive carcinogen).

“This is really a dual-function product”, claims one of Biocide’s 30-unit property management customers, “It not only wipes out any residual smoke smell after we shampoo and clean, but when we repaint or replace carpet, it also reduces the ‘new’ smells that some of our renters complain about.”

While significant controversy still exists regarding the health risks of new carpeting, there are many people that are sensitive to the odors, mostly caused by what are known as Volatile Organic Chemicals or “VOCs”. Toxicologist Mark Goldman, a senior air-quality specialist for the insurance adjustment firm EFI, in an interview with the Boston Globe, was quoted as saying that 4 percent to 6 percent of the population estimated to be chemically sensitive are ''the canaries in the coal mine amongst us."

“Most people don’t realize that new paint and carpet, while they may greatly reduce the smoke odors, bring their own risks.”, states Biocide Systems CEO Juan Baselli. “That new carpet smell usually contains a mix of VOCs that can include: BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), formaldehyde, 4-phenylcyclohexine (4-PC), and other nasties that often take weeks to ‘outgas’ from the new carpet or paint.”

Biocide’s roomSHOCKER is designed to chemically eliminate smoke smell and neutralize many of the volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and free radicals that can pose a health hazard.

“Ozone generators aren’t much better.” Baselli adds, “If you check into what the EPA says about them, you’ll see that they probably make things worse when used to treat new carpet and paint odor.”    

Biocide System’s roomSHOCKER is easy on maintenance and facility budgets, enabling property maintenance and cleaning teams to fully treat a typical apartment for as little as $50. And in addition to removing cigarette odors, it also kills mold, bacteria and microbes in the unit as well.

“Our property management clients love this product because they can save days in a turn by making a freshly painted and carpeted unit inhabitable within 24 hours.”, adds Biocide Systems VP of Product Technology, Spencer Blua.

Whether eliminating cigarette odors or removing apartment odors caused by mold, garbage, vomit, liquor, pet odors or musty smells, Biocide System’s roomSHOCKER gets the job done within hours. EPA Approved as a biological deodorizer, roomSHOCKER is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to quickly make your apartment unit ready for its new tenant.

About Biocide Systems
Biocide Systems is located in Los Angeles, California. Biocide Systems serves the hotel, motel and lodging industries with high-technology deodorizing and disinfecting solutions. All Biocide products mentioned here are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved and are 100% guaranteed.

To learn more about Biocide Systems and our smoke and odor elimination products, please visit or call (877) RX-BIOCIDE. To interview Juan Baselli, contact him directly at: (877)792-4624 ext 501 or email jcbaselli (at) BiocideSystems (dot) com.


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