MiX Telematics Helps Yankee Trails Increase Fuel Efficiency With Proprietary DBM Solution

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Driver Behavior Modification (DBM) technology improves fuel efficiency and driver safety.

MiX Telematics, the foremost global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions has successfully integrated its proprietary Driver Behavior Modification (DBM) solution for Yankee Trails World Travel, a leading charter bus company based in the Northeastern U.S. MiX’s DBM solution has allowed Yankee Trails to increase their fuel efficiency, improve driver behavior through a positive incentive program, as well as enhance the growing company’s payroll challenges.

"When we were ready to upgrade our driver tracking program, we spoke with several companies who had similar GPS tracking applications," noted Stephen Tobin, president of Yankee Trails. "Some companies offered a few more bells and whistles, but overall, the front-end technology and web applications gave us the same kind of data. However, we found that MiX Telematics’ DBM solution goes far beyond GPS technology by giving us real-time driver braking, acceleration and idling information that we can immediately address with the driver, as it’s happening.”

Through DBM, Yankee Trails can pinpoint the location of any coach in real-time as well as observe the operators driving habits, such as speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking and excessive idling.

"Once we installed our In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) in each Yankee Trails motorcoach and set up our DBM program, we could observe the driving habits of each operator and provide real-time, actionable reports to Yankee Trails’ management team," said Brian McCoy, vice president of sales and marketing at MiX Telematics North America. "For example, we set up specific reports that display all of the red flags for excessive fuel burning behavior, which are automatically emailed to the Yankee Trails team.”

The front end portion of MiX's DBM solution includes all of the technology a company needs to visually observe each route. Through DBM, Yankee Trails can pinpoint the location of any coach in real-time as well as observe the operators driving habits, such as speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking and excessive idling. The back end part of DBM includes a dedicated team of analysts who carefully monitor the information being recorded by IVMS technology and create real-time actionable reports that Yankee Trails can use to consult and train their operators to improve their driving behavior.

"Cutting down on speeding not only reduces the odds of a crash, but MPG is lowered by up to 2.2 percent for every one mile per hour over 55 MPH," noted McCoy. "Add those potential savings to the roughly two gallons of gas saved per hour by eliminating excessive idling and the reduction of maintenance costs by eliminating hard braking and acceleration and the ROI starts to add up."

Yankee Trails also saw the real-time data that MiX was providing as an opportunity to create a Positive Reinforcement Driver Incentive program. This program scores every driver based on the new information provided by MiX and rewards the top drivers based on fuel savings. The company outlined the parameters of the program to MiX, which began creating monthly driver reports based on a company-wide scoring system. The company's cash rewards program is paid out quarterly, with the first taking place in December 2009.

In addition to creating the cash-based incentive program, Yankee Trails has also adapted MiX's DBM solution to help solve their payroll challenges. Prior to implementing the MiX DBM solution, drivers were paid by the hour or mile, whichever was the greater of the two. All of the mileage and time data was recorded on mileage sheets completed by the drivers. Now, using the DBM solution, mileage is tracked electronically based on when the bus has returned to the station and is shut down. The travel reports are being automatically delivered in real-time with no driver input required.

"The real-time reporting services provided by MiX weren't available from companies we talked to at the beginning of our search," noted Tobin. "But we've since found that tracking a bus is only a piece of the puzzle. Having MiX feed us real-time data about our drivers' behavior has created a whole new way of doing business for our company. Not only can we now reward good driving habits and pinpoint bad ones, but we've developed a more reliable payroll system. We've come to live by MiX's DBM solution. In fact, I would say it's revolutionizing our business."

About MiX Telematics North America
MiX Telematics North America is a dynamic solutions company that helps U.S. and Canadian businesses overcome the toughest fleet management and vehicle tracking challenges. From proprietary Driver Behavior Modification (DBM) solutions to real-time vehicle tracking, the company successfully implements innovative technology for a broad range of commercial applications within oil & gas, utilities and local service industries. For more information visit http://www.mixtelematics.net or contact Brian McCoy at 972-641-6200 or brian(dot)mccoy(at)mixtelematics(dot)com.

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Founded in 1996, MiX Telematics is a global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management products and services to consumers and companies of all sizes in over 75 countries on six continents. The company’s commercial product range – formerly marketed under the VDO brand and sold by Siemens VDO for 10 years – helps fleet owners ensure driver and passenger safety, reduce fleet running and fuel costs, comply with selected industry regulations, and track and protect vehicles and drivers. For more information visit http://www.mixtelematics.com.

About SafeDrive International
SafeDrive International (SDI), a MiX Telematics subsidiary, was formed in January 2002 after professionals from the field of land transport risk management, fleet management, competency based training and assessment and behavioral psychology aligned. Since SDI’s inception it has rapidly become a market leader in providing journey management solutions targeting the inherent risks associated with land transport operations, globally. For more information visit http://www.mixtelematics.ae


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